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Xtreme Power Wins Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection (Ind. Report)
Xtreme Power
Date: 2014-02-12
Kyle, Texas-based power management and energy storage specialist Xtreme Power on Feb. 7 won bankruptcy court approval to eliminate a February deadline for asset bids and instituted a straight auction process for March. Horizon Technology Finance Corporation will provide debtor-in-possession financing and serve as the stalking horse at the auction with a bid of $10 million and a pledge not to compete with firms bidding higher.

Xtreme Power voluntary filed for Chapter 11 protectin in Jan.in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas. The Chapter 11 filing enables the company to continue its operations at all locations as it identifies an buyer.

The decision to file for Chapter 11 protection is part of a strategy to ensure that the company and its cutting-edge value offerings continue to be viable in the marketplace and take advantage of growing energy storage markets. The company's core engineering, project development and operations staff will remain in place during this process. Xtreme Power retained Gordian Group LLC to help manage the sale process.

With 12 projects in the field accounting for 60 MW of grid-scale installations, ranging from 1MW up to 36 MW, Xtreme Power's operational experience includes more than 34,100 MWh charged and discharged over 472,200 hours of integrated power unit operation. http://www.xtremepower.com . (Source: Xtreme Power, 10 Feb, 2014) Contact: Xtreme Power, (512) 268-8191, www.xtremepower.com

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Energy Storage Specialist Xtreme Energy Goes Broke (Ind. Report)
Xtreme Power
Date: 2014-01-29
Kyle Texas-based energy storage specialist Xtreme Power has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy court protection. The company provided battery systems involved in a 2012 fire at the Kahuku Wind Farm in Hawaii.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection will allow the company to continue operations while it tries to find a buyer. (Source: Xtreme Power, Star Advertiser, 28 Jan., 2014) Contact: Xtreme Power, (512) 268-8191, info@extremepower.com, www.xtremepower.com

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Xtreme Power Commissions CCET Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
Xtreme Power, Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies
Date: 2013-10-25
Kyle, Texas-based Xtreme Power, a world leader in integrated power management and energy storage solutions, unveiled its new 1MW, 60 minute system for the Texas Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET) in Austin. CCET is a collaborative research and development consortium that brings together state university research centers, energy utilities and electric industry leaders. The project is included in a U.S. DOE's smart grid demonstration analyzing the benefits of using energy storage for wind energy integration.

The CCET project in Lubbock, Texas, marks the first time Xtreme Power's PEAK Series system has used lithium ion batteries from Samsung SDI. http://www.xtremepower.com. (Source: CCET, Xtreme Power, PR, 21 Oct., 2013) Contact: CCET, (512) 472-3800, http://www.electrictechnologycenter.com; Xtreme Power, (512) 268-8191, www.xtremepower.com

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Duke Energy Installs Mammoth Texas Wind Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
ERCOT,Duke Energy,Xtreme Power
Date: 2013-04-03
With a $22 million matching grants from the U.S. DOE, Duke Energy has installed batteries designed by Xtreme Power that can store 36 MW of energy during off-peak periods at its 153 MW, Notrees Wind Farm in Texas. The wind farm, with the battery installation are attached to a 153 MW wind farm - they can hold sufficient electricity for more than 10,000 homes. The Notrees Wind Farm and Battery Facility, is part of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid. (Source: ERCOT, Duke Energy, Sustainable Business. 2 April, 2013) Contact: Duke Energy, www.duke-energy.com; ERCOT, www.ercot.com; Xtreme Power, http://www.xtremepower.com

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Xtreme Power Completes Duke's Notrees Windfarm Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
Duke Energy,Xtreme Power
Date: 2013-02-08
Following on our April 15, 2011 coverage, Duke Energy Renewables has completed North America's largest energy storage project at its Notrees windfarm in west Texas. The 36MW battery-based Dynamic Power Resource was designed and installed by Austin, Texas-based Xtreme Power who will also operate the system. The project will help to mitigate wind power variability as well as storing excess wind energy ready for release onto the grid at times of high demand.

Duke originally announced plans to install large-scale energy storage systems to service its wind farm at Notrees in late 2009. The project received $22 million in matching funding from the DOE. Duke is working with the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) which will indicate whether the system should dispatch stored energy to increase frequency or store energy to decrease it. Performance data will be collected from the battery storage system by EPRI and Sandia National Laboratory will analyze technical and economic data. The results will shared publicly through the DOE Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse (Source: Duke Energy, Renewable Energy Mag., 7 Feb. 2013) Contact: Duke Energy Renewables, Greg Wolf, President, (704) 594-6200, www.duke-energy.com; Alan Gotcher, CEO, http://www.xtremepower.com

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Duke, Xtreme Complete Notrees Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
Duke Energy,Xtreme Power
Date: 2013-01-25
Charlotte, N.C.- headquartered Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in the U.S., and power management and energy storage specialist Xtreme Power have begun operations at the Notrees Energy Storage unit in western Texas. The integrated Notrees facility provides both environmentally friendly and flexible capacity to the Electric Reliability Council Of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the electrical grid in Texas and manages 75 percent of the Lone Star State's deregulated market.

The system is part of Duke Energy's Notrees 153 MW Windpower Project. The 36MW Battery Storage system is capable of deploying fast-acting reserves to support ERCOT grid reliability and helping the System Operator maintain supply and demand balance with near-instantaneous feedback of frequency changes or other unexpected events. In addition to other energy management services, the storage unit supports ultimate wind farm performance as it can absorb power from the wind farm during times of low demand or high curtailment and release power when it is most beneficial to the market.

Xtreme Power's innovative control system, XACT, will manage real-time performance and response of the system in response to site and grid conditions. Notrees is the eighth energy storage project installed by Xtreme Power over the past year. (Source: Xtreme Power, 23 Jan. 2013) Contact: Xtreme Power, (512) 268-8191, www.xtremepower.com: Duke Energy Renewables, Greg Wolf, Pres., www.duke-energy.com/renewables

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Solar Storage Markets -2013 Report projects $2Bn Solar-Energy Storage Market by 2018 (Ind. Report)
Date: 2013-01-16
Industry analyst NanoMarkets' new Solar Storage Markets -2013 report forecasts revenues from batteries and supercapacitors for solar energy storage will reach almost $2 billion in revenues by 2018.

The report provides an analysis of worldwide solar energy storage markets products including lead-acid, lead-carbon, lithium, NaS, sodium-nickel-chloride, and flow batteries, along with ultrabatteries and supercapacitors. Storage demand for both retail PV users and utility-scale solar is analyzed. Eight-year revenue and volume projections are included with breakouts by technology, and geography.

Solar industry player profiles include: Abengoa Solar, Acciona, AES, Altair, Ambri, Axion, Brightsource, Cellenium, Cellstrom, Cogenra Solar, CSIRO, Daewoo, Deeya Energy, Ecoult, EDF, Endesa, eSolar, Exide, Fiamm Sonik, Firefly, Ford, GE, GeoBattery, Gildmeister, Hitachi, Ice Energy, International Battery, Johnson Controls, KEMA, Kyushu Electric, Maxwell, Mitsubishi, NEC, Nesscap, NGK, Panasonic, PG&E, Pratt & Whitney, Premium Power, Prudent Energy, RWE, SAFT, Siemens, Southern California Edison, RedT, Sumitomo, SunPower, SunVerge, SolarCity, Tokyo Electric, V-Fuel, VARTA, Xtreme Power and ZBB.

Report details are available at http://nanomarkets.net/market_reports/report/solar_storage_2013

NanoMarkets recently issued a related report titled, Batteries and Supercapacitors for the Smart Grid -2013. Details are available at http://nanomarkets.net/market_reports/report/batteries_and_supercapacitors_for_the_smart_grid_2013 (Source: NanoMarkets ,PR, MarketWatch, Jan. 14, 2013) Contact: NanoMarkets, www.nanomarkets.net

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Apple joins Wind Power Irregularity Solution Race (New Prod & Tech)
Xtreme Power,Invenergy,Apple Computer,AES Corp.
Date: 2013-01-14
In June 2011 Apple filed a U.S. patent application for an alternative wind turbine design that generates electricity from converting heat energy into steam instead of rotational energy made possible by the movement of blades. Apple calls its system "on-demand generation of electricity from stored wind energy", and its proposed technology theoretically overcomes the problem of wind power irregularity.

Other companies are working on wind power irregularity and storage solutions as well. North American Wind Power reports that Invenergy and Xtreme Power have launched a JV to deploy an energy-storage system at Invenergy's Grand Ridge Wind project site in Illinois. The system will supply renewable power to the new frequency response market administered by regional transmission organization PJM. The company says that efficient frequency regulation is vital for PJM's grid reliability. Xtreme Power's solution is a 1.5 MW Regulation Power Management system that will deploy a lithium-titanate battery and an AGC signal to harness full four-quadrant power in less than one second.

In 2011, Energy Collective reported that AES Corporation built a 60-turbine wind farm in West Virginia that generates enough power for 20,000 homes, and also feeds power into the PJM Interconnection regional grid. The farm features a series of 1.3 million lithium ion batteries that together provide frequency regulation to the grid. Grid operators at PJM send signals to the battery system every four seconds, telling it to either deliver or store electricity generated by the wind farm. (Source: Apple, 3bl Media, Jan. 11., 2013) Contact: AES Energy Storage, (703) 522-1315, www.aesenergystorage.com; Xtreme Power, Carlos Coe,(512) 268-8191, ccoe@xtremepowersolutions.com, www.xtremepower.com; Invenergy, David Groberg, VP, Wind Development, (301) 610-6412, dgroberg@invenergyllc.com, www.invenergyllc.com; Apple Inc., Tom Neumayr, Spokesman, (408) 974-1972, tneumayr@apple.com, www.apple.com

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Invenergy, Xtreme Power Announce Energy Storage JV (Ind. Report)
Xtreme Power, Invenergy,PJM
Date: 2012-12-19
Chicago-based clean energy generator Invenergy LLC and Xtreme Power, a power management and energy storage solutions provider have launched a new joint venture to deploy a fast-acting energy storage system in Illinois. The energy storage installation, located at Invenergy's Grand Ridge Wind project site in La Salle County, will supply renewable power to the new frequency response market administered by regional transmission organization PJM.

Xtreme Power's 1.5 MW Regulation Power Management™ (RPM) is a versatile, scalable asset which will ultimately utilize long-life lithium-titanate battery technology and an AGC signal to harness full four-quadrant power in less than one second. Such instantaneous energy delivery will enable Invenergy to help balance supply and demand in the PJM market.

Xtreme Power designs, engineers, installs, and monitors integrated energy storage and power management systems for Independent Power Producers, Transmission and Distribution Utilities, and Commercial & Industrial End Users, among others. Invenergy and its affiliated companies develop, own and operate large-scale renewable and other clean energy generation facilities in North America and Europe. The nation's largest independent wind power generation company, Invenergy and its affiliated companies currently have 6,600 MW of wind, solar, and thermal projects under contract, under construction, or in operation. (Source: Xtreme Power, Dec. 18, 2012) Contact: Xtreme Power, Carlos Coe,(512) 268-8191, ccoe@xtremepowersolutions.com, www.xtremepower.com; Invenergy, David Groberg, VP, Wind Development, (301) 610-6412, dgroberg@invenergyllc.com, www.invenergyllc.com Tags Xtreme Power news, Energy Storage news,

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Xtreme Power Launches RPM 2000 Regulation Power Mgmt. Product (New Prod & Tech)
Xtreme Power
Date: 2012-12-12
Power management and energy storage specialist Xtreme Power yesterday unveiled its RPM 2000 product line -- a high power, cost effective answer to the frequency regulation environment facing electricity providers and grid operators. New grid realities require new solutions, and the RPM 2000 meets these needs with response speed and power accuracy unattainable by traditional generation resources.

The RPM 2000 is a 2 MW, 15-minute duration power management and energy storage system engineered to provide unmatched high-speed, precision frequency regulation service. The RPM 2000 combines the real-time controls of the Xtreme Active Control Technology™ and intelligent power conversion systems with advanced lithium energy storage technology to accurately respond to grid disturbances up to 50 times faster than conventional generation options. In addition, the RPM 2000 is a fully automated system that is highly reliable with low operating costs and no start-up costs. Its flexible and modular design allows for easy installation, incremental expansion, and simplified project siting. (Source: Xtreme Power, 11 Dec., 2012) Contact: Xtreme Power, Alan Gotcher, CEO, http://www.xtremepower.com/xp-technology/RPM.ph

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Xtreme Power on Standby for Chinese Energy Storage Market (Int'l)
Xtreme Power
Date: 2012-10-29
The installation of high-capacity power storage equipment could be part of the solution to relieve Mainland China's transmission bottleneck that has hampered the use of wind power, but the energy industry is not ready to absorb the costs involved. Producers of storage systems would have to look at opportunities elsewhere, particularly in sectors that valued energy reliability highly, according to Texas-based Xtreme Power Asia.

The problem is that energy storage is relatively expensive and current electricity prices can't support the deployment of large-scale energy storage, the company claims. Xtreme is presently in talks with some mainland power firms on the deployment of its storage systems for renewable energy as pilot projects. Xtreme aims to build a few demonstration projects on the mainland so that it will be ready to expand sales when the market is ripe for large-scale commercialization.

Xtreme hasbeen in discussions with the mainland's monopoly state-owned power distributors, but State Grid Corp has indicated it wanted Xtreme to provide battery hardware while it did its own system integration work. This conflicted with Xtreme's sales strategy, in which system integration is its main offering. China Southern Power Grid, on the other hand, wanted to develop its own supply chain and asked Xtreme to provide a system design solution.

Inner Mongolia's power grid presents better sales potential. Although it represents just 3 per cent of the nation's power generation capacity, it has the biggest shortage of transmission capacity and imbalance problem While it waits for the utility market to develop, Xtreme is selling to customers for industrial and commercial applications. (Source: Xtreme, South China Morning Post, Oct. 29, 2012) Contact: Carlos Coe, Xtreme Power, (512) 268-8191, ccoe@xtremepowersolutions.com, www.xtremepower.com

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GE, Xtreme Power Partner to Deliver Grid Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
GE Energy Stoarge,Xtreme Power
Date: 2012-09-12
GE Energy Storage, a unit of GE Transportation and Xtreme Power, a privately held Austin, Texas-based company have formalized a strategic alliance to work together to provide cutting-edge energy storage solutions. The alliance combines GE's Durathon battery technology for grid energy storage systems and Xtreme Power's extensive experience as an integrated energy storage turn-key solutions provider.

GE's Durathon battery products can last up to ten times longer than conventional lead acid batteries and store more energy in half the space. When paired with Xtreme Power's Xtreme Active Control Technology (XACT) , GE's battery should enable safer and highly efficient storage of massive quantities of electricity at low cost for grid applications. XACT is an innovative proprietary control system architecture that offers sophisticated control algorithms, real time response, remote monitoring, and optimized power management. (Source: Xtreme Power, Sept, 10, 2012). Contact: GE Energy Storage, http://www.geenergystorage.com; Xtreme Power, http://www.xtremepower.com

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Xtreme Power Listed Among US Top-Twenty Private Companies Again! (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Xtreme Power
Date: 2012-08-23
Xtreme Power, a world leader in Real-time power management and energy storage solutions specialist Xtreme Power Inc. has, for the second year in a row, has earned the 15th spot on Inc. Magazine's 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US in 2012. Xtreme Power secured a Top 20 showing with a three-year growth rate of 8423 percent and 2011 revenues of $22.2 million. Last year, Xtreme Power ranked 704th with a three-year growth rate of 450 percent. (Source: Inc. Magazine, Xtreme Power, Red Orbit, 22 Aug., 2012) Contact: Carlos Coe, Xtreme Power, (512) 268-8191, ccoe@xtremepowersolutions.com, www.xtremepowerinc.com

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First Wind, Xtreme Power Working to get Hawaian Wind Farm Back Online (Ind. Report)
First Wind,Xtreme Power
Date: 2012-08-15
First Wind is working with battery manufacturer Xtreme Power to get its 30-megawatt Kahuku Wind Farm back online after a fire destroyed a 10,000 square-foot battery warehouse there earlier this month. First Wind CEO Gaynor says he doesn't see a scenario where the 15-MW battery energy storage system isn't built and returned to service, but, he says, it could take months. (Source: First Wind, Pacific Business News, Aug. 13, 2012) Contact: Paul Gaynor, CEO, (617) 960-2888, www.firstwind.com; Xtreme Power, Carlos Coe, (512) 268-8191, ccoe@xtremepowersolutions.com, www.xtremepowerinc.com

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Hawaiian Wind Farm Using Xtreme Power Dynamic Power Resource® (Ind. Report)
First Wind,Xtreme Power
Date: 2012-06-01
In the Aloha State, Maui Electric Company (MECO) has launched an alternative energy program that maximizes the exploitation of the prevailing Hawaiian winds. Renewable energy developer First Wind installed the Kaheawa Wind Power II to be commissioned in mid-June. It will add an additional 21 MW of wind generated electricity integrated with a 10 MW energy storage solution provided by Xtreme Power.

Xtreme Power's Dynamic Power Resource (DPR) integrated power management and energy storage solution utilizes Xtreme Power's intelligent controls to optimize performance. Integrating the DPR with the Kaheawa Wind Power II site will save the utility operating costs, reduce MECO's carbon footprint and provide cleaner, cheaper electricity to the residents of Maui.

Xtreme Power is a US company backed by investors SAIL Capital Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, The Dow Chemical Company, Fluor Corp., BP Alternative Energy, Dominion Resources, POSCO ICT, SkyLake & Co. and Spring Ventures, LLC. (Source: Xtreme Power, 31 May, 2012) Contact: Carlos Coe, Xtreme Power, (512) 268-8191, ccoe@xtremepowersolutions.com, www.xtremepowerinc.com; First Wind Holdings, Paul Gaynor, CEO, (617) 960-2888, www.firstwind.com

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Townsend-AllCell JV to Commercialize Battery Thermal Mgmt Technology (Ind. Report)
AllCell Technologies
Date: 2012-05-14
AllCell Technologies, LLC and Townsend Ventures, LLC have formed Townsend-AllCell Technologies, LLC, to commercialize AllCell's passive thermal management technology for advanced battery systems and packs. Townsend-AllCell will have the exclusive world-wide rights to commercialize AllCell's patented technology for automotive battery applications plus additional rights for other markets including grid energy storage applications.

AllCell's technology uses phase change materials (PCM) to extend battery life and prevent overheating and battery fires. AllCell's PCM technology is a valuable addition to Townsend's existing portfolio of energy investments, which includes Dow Kokam, LLC, Energy Power Systems, LLC and Xtreme Power. (Source: AllCell Technologies, May 11, 2012) Contact: AllCell Tech, www.allcelltech.com

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