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W2 Energy Biodiesel Test Production Underway (Ind. Report)
W2 Enery
Date: 2014-04-28
In Cambridge, Ontario, green technology specialist W2 Energy has begun production of biodiesel in small 'test" batches. After testing various small quantities of feedstocks, the plant will produce ASTM specification fuel on a consistent basis. The company plans to ramp up production to a maximum of 7,500 litres of waste vegetable oil per day, then double that capacity to 15,000 litres per day. The company will then apply for a Government of Canada biofuel production subsidy. (Source: W2 Energy, Others, Biofuels Int'l, 28 April, 2014) Contact: W2 Energy,

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W2 Energy taking 51% Stake in Malaysian Biodiesel Producer (M&A)
W2 Energy,AM Biofuels
Date: 2013-02-13
GUELPH, Ontario-based W2 Energy, Inc. has signed a binding MoU to purchase 51 percent of AM Biofuels' 30,000 mtpy of biodiesel plant in Pasir Gudang Port of Johor Malaysia. The plant, which is licensed under the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, is a multi feedstock technology facility based on the esterification process. AM Biofuels was fully commissioned in end of 2010. The plant is currently in operation and plans to produce 20,000 MT of Palm biodiesel within 2103.

Pasir Gudang Port is 30 kilometers away from Singapore, the world largest trading hub for oils, petrochemicals, and biofuel. The acquisition is valued at $5,500,000 US and W2 energy will receive a total of 51% shares of AM Biofuels for 55,000,000 W2 Energy shares at a deemed value of US 0.10 cents per share. (Source: W2 Energy, 6 Feb., 2013) Contact: W2 Energy, Michael McLaren, CEO, (519) 800-7556,, ; AM Biofuels,

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W2 Energy takes Stake in Palm Oil Biodiesel Producer (M&A)
W2 Energy,AM Biofuels
Date: 2013-02-06
Guelph, Ontario-headquartered W2 Energy Inc. is set to take a 51 percent stake in Malaysia's AM Biofuels for $5.5m.

AM Biofuels owns and operates a biodiesel production facility in the Pasir Gudang Port of Johor Malaysia, one of the largest chemical centers in Asia, with a 30,000 metric tpy capacity. The facility was commissioned late in 2010 2010 and is slated to produce 20,000 metric tpy of biodiesel from palm oil in 2013.

W2 Energy will install and commission a sixth fuel oil replacement plant on the Pasir Gudang Port site and distribute the product through Ecobound Fuel Production Systems production license. (Source: W2 Energy, Newnet, 5 Feb., 2013) Contact: W2 Energy Inc., Mike McLaren, CEO,,; AM Biofuels,

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W2 Energy Assembles Turn-key Biodiesel Plant in Guelph (Ind. Report)
W2 Energy.Agri-Green Biodiesel
Date: 2012-08-14
Following on our May 27 coverage, Carson City, Nevada-based W2 Energy has completed the installation of its recently acquired Agri-Green Biodiesel turn-key bio-diesel plant at its Guelph, Ontario location. The plant is now fully operational and the company anticipates a production capacity of 650,000 gpy.

Presently, W2 is sending sample runs to an independent laboratory in order to obtain its government ASTM spec certification and, In the interim, is producing sample runs in preparation for full production. The company is also negotiating fuel sales contracts. (Source: W2 Energy, Aug., 8, 2012) Contact: Mike McLaren, CEO, W2 Energy Inc.,,

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W2 Energy Receives Botswana Commitment for CTL Prototype Plant (Int'l, Ind. Report)
W2 Energy
Date: 2012-06-22
W2 Energy, Inc. reports the immediate development of a $5 million, 1,000 gpd Coal/Waste to Liquid (CTL) prototype plant capable of producing 10 ton/day coal/waste synthetic fuel production in Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana. Using EGM's Enhanced Fuel Refinery System production could reach 2,000 gpd and yield approximately $2,686,000 per year. Those estimates are for fuel production only and do not take into consideration any power produced by the plant.

W2 Energy Inc. develops renewable energy technologies and applies it to new generation power systems. Specifically, W2 Energy's plasma assisted biomass to energy plants utilize state of the art technologies to produce green energy both fuel (sulfur free diesel) and electricity at the most efficient cost in capital investment and production per/barrel, per/Megawatt. W2 Energy Inc. owns a large technology portfolio of patents and know-how that has been extensively validated and ready for commercial production. (Source: W@ Energy, 20 June, 2012) Contact: W2 Energy Inc.,

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W2 Acquires Agri-Green Biodiesel , Assumes Corporate Debt (M&A)
W2 Energy.Agri-Green Biodiesel
Date: 2012-05-22
In Canada, W2 Energy has completed its purchase of Agri-Green Biodiesel. After signing a Letter of Intent in May 2010 (see archives for details) to purchase a 60% interest, the purchase has expanded to 100% in exchange for the assumption of Agri-Green's corporate debt. W2 Energy CEO Mike McLaren said of the purchase, "We consider this acquisition of Agri-Green a strategic opportunity for us, because of our ability to produce biodiesel less expensively by using our low-temperature plasma technology. We can use W2 Energy's NT Plasmatron and MultiFuel gas-to-liquid reactor to make its own methanol, electricity and heat from waste sources, thereby reducing the costs of the methanol used in the biodiesel process." (Source: W2, 21 May, 2012) Contact: Mike McLaren, CEO, W2 Energy Inc.,,

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