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CGE Receives Notice of Allowance for Additional WIND-e20® Wind Turbine Patent (New Prod & Tech)
CGE Energy,Burtek Enterprises
Date: 2015-03-02
Brighton, Michigan-based energy efficiency and renewable energy specialist CGE Energy reports that it has received a Notice of Allowance for its patent application titled, Fluid driven vertical axis turbine. The patent covers many aspects of CGE Energy's WIND-e20® vertical axis wind turbine, collapsible blades, and the unique hydraulic locking joints within the turbine's segmented blades, which allow them to collapse flat against the rotor. As another claim in the patent, a hydraulic lifting and transport frame enables the turbine to be delivered on a flatbed truck and can lie flat for maintenance without the need of a crane.

Collapsible blades not only ease delivery and maintenance, but also guarantee better security. WIND-e20® can automatically collapse its blades at the first sign of hurricane winds. This means it can survive in some of the windiest locations on the planet, including the Caribbean. Chesterfield, Michigan-based Burtek Enterprises, a military contractor, is CGE Energy's partner for the manufacturing of WIND-e20®. (Source: CGE Energy, 25 Feb., 2015) Contact: CGE Energy, Bryan Zaplitny, Pres., CEO, Paul Schneider, (248) 446-1344,,; Burtek Enterprises, (586) 421-8000,

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Installed on Paris Icon (Ind. Report)
UGE International
Date: 2015-02-27
NYC-headquartered Urban Green Energy International (UGE) has installed two vertical axis wind turbines at the Eiffel Tower that generate enough energy to power the monument's first-floor commercial areas.

According to the company, the virtually silent vertical axis turbines will generate 10,000kWh of energy per year. LED lighting and roof-mounted solar panels on a visitor pavilion have also been installed. (Source: UGF Int'l., Many Various Sources, 25 Feb., 2015) Contact: UGE International, Nick Blitterswyk, CEO, (917) 720-5680,,

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Windstream Launches Hybrid Sun, Wind Energy Harvesting System (New Prod & Tech)
Date: 2015-01-19
North Vernon, Indiana-based Windstream Inc. has combined solar PV and vertical axis wind turbines into the SolarMill, a single modular unit which the company touts as the "world's first integrated hybrid technology."

The SolarMill hybrid energy system integrates solar panels and vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) into modular units that are low-cost, highly-efficient and suitable for rooftop or similar installations, according to the manufacturer.

Windstream also manufactures the MobileMill, a mobile version of the SolarMill, appropriately called the MobileMill, which is intended for first responders and emergency relief, and which can deploy a 4kW renewable energy system, complete with an 18 kWh battery array within minutes. (Source: Windstream, Treehugger, 15 Jan., 2015) Contact: Windstream, (855) 872-6645,

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Eastern Wind, Siemens Tout Vertical Axis Wind JV (Ind. Report)
Eastern Wind Power,Siemens
Date: 2014-11-17
Cambridge, Mass.-based Eastern Wind Power, Inc. (EWP) and German industrial powerhouse, Siemens, are joint venturing in the development of a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) to be mounted on high-rise building roofs the roofs or pole-mounted in open, high wind areas.

EWP designed, built, and tested a VAWT 50 kW “Sky Farm” for the JV while Siemens developed the generator and inverter system.

In addition to this JV, EWP has worked closely with companies like DuPont for coatings for the blades and with 3M for blade icing tests. EWP also has worked with SLIPS Technologies, a Harvard University spinoff technology company

The JV piloted the Sky Farm 50kW at Martha’s Vineyard Airport in Edgartown, Massachusetts where the turbine is tied into the area’s electric-power grid. It produces about 45,000 kWh of energy per year. (Source: Eastern Wind Power, Engineering Entrepreneur, Nov., 2014) Contact: Eastern Wind Power,; Siemens Energy, Randy Zwirn, Pres. & CEO, Monika Wood, (407) 736-4197,,

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Chava Testing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (New Prod & Tech)
Chava Wind LLC, Chava Energy LLC
Date: 2014-11-03
In Homestead, Florida, Chava Wind LLC, a division of Chava Energy LLC, reports that it has established a 12 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) prototype at its test facility near Miami and expects to conclude tests in November.

. Chava Energy is in the experimental stage of developing breakthrough technologies to deliver new forms of energy that are inexhaustible, clean, inexpensive, and available to anyone, anywhere. These new energy technologies will dramatically improve our global economic outlook and minimize our environmental footprint. Chava Wind plans to launch their VAWTs in Japan which is incentivizing turbines up 20KW rated inverter capacity with a grid Feed-in-tariff at the equivalent of 58 US cents per kWh of energy. (Source: Chava Wind LLC, 30 Oct., 20140 Contact: Chava WindLLC, Hagen Ruff, (305) 307-0789,

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WindStream Confirms Japanese Distribution Deal (Int'l., Ind. Report)
WindStream Technologies,
Date: 2014-09-10
North Vernon, Indiana-based WindStream Technologies, Inc. has appointed TOSMO Inc. the exclusive distributor of its SolarMill® technology in Japan. The first full container of the SolarMill® products is scheduled for release in Japan at the end of this month. Additional shipments are scheduled for December 2014 and throughout 2015.

Windstream's patented SolarMill® distributed energy technology consists of vertical zxis wind turbines (VAWT), solar panels and proprietary "smart" electronics. The energy generated by each SolarMill® can be used off grid with a storage system or inverted for use in grid-tied applications. Occupying the roof space about the size of a solar panel, each SolarMill® provides the highest energy density currently available in the renewable energy market. SolarMill® products are "Made In The U.S.A." and are available worldwide. (Source: Windstream, Sept. 8, 2014) Contact: Windstream Technologies Inc., Travis Campbell, COO,

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WindStream Touts Wind-Solar Hybrid Installation (Ind. Report)
WindStream Technologies
Date: 2014-07-18
North Vernon, Indiana-based WindStream Technologies has commissioned the world's largest hybrid renewable energy project on an office rooftop in in Kingston, Jamaica. The installation consists of 50 WindStream SolarMill® units that collect available wind and solar resources to generate over 106,000 kWh of renewable energy annually; 25kW of wind and 55kW of solar. Over the course of the installation's projected 25-year life span, the energy cost savings are expected to exceed $2 million for a less than 4-year ROI.

The SolarMill distributed energy technology consists of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT), solar panels and proprietary "smart" electronics. The energy generated by each SolarMill can either be used off grid with a storage system or inverted for use in grid-tied applications. Occupying the roof space about the size of a solar panel, each SolarMill provides the highest energy density currently available in the renewable market. (Source: WindStream Technologies, PR, CNN, July 16, 2014) Contact: WindStream, (855) 872-6645,

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VisionAIR Wind Turbine Wins Power Curve Certification (Ind. Report)
Urban Green Energy
Date: 2014-03-10
In New York, vertical-axis wind turbine specialist Urban Green Energy (UGE) has completed third party turbine power performance testing, culminating in a certified power curve for its vertical-axis VisionAIR wind turbine.

The power production testing of the VisionAIR was performed in accordance with the IEC 61400-12 by the laboratory Intertek in their small wind test facility in upstate New York, USA. The testing confirmed that the turbine begins exporting power at wind speeds as low as 3.5 m/s [7 mph] and is twice as efficient as several of its competitors. This certification is in addition to the electrical safety and noise emission certifications the turbine has already received.

Certification qualifies VisionAIR for certain government incentives and may also make the technology more attractive to renewable energy investors. (Source: UGE, 7 Mar., 2014) Contact: UGE, Mateo Chaskel, (917) 720-5685,, ,

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Sky Assembling Vertical Axis Turbine Prototype (New Prod & Tech)
Sky Harvest Energy,Sky Vertcal
Date: 2014-01-17
Vancouver-based Sky Harvest Energy Corp. reports that its subsidiary Sky Vertical Technologies Inc. has begun assembling its prototype vertical axis wind turbine and expects to deliver its initial production to customers in late February. Sky Vertical's new location at the Northern Centre for Advanced Technologies (NORCAT) technology incubator and development facility in Sudbury, Ontario, has greatly accelerated the prototyping process. (Source: Sky Harvest Energy Corp., PR, 14 Jan., 2014) Contact: Sky Harvest Energy, William Iny, CEO, (604) 267-3041,,; NORCAT,

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ArborWind Plans 2014 Turbine Production Start-up (Ind. Report)
Date: 2013-12-13
Ann Arbor, Michigan-based wind turbine developer ArborWind reports that it has erected a prototype of its vertical axis wind turbine in Marshall, Michigan. ArborWind's turbine is unique in that unlike traditional "pinwheel" design turbines, ArborWind's wind turbine is balloon shaped and operates on a vertical-access design that allows it to generate power irregardless of wind direction.

ArborWind expects to begin commercial production in 2014, and is targeting rural installations with limited or no access to utility lines. (Source: ArborWind, concentrate, 12 Dec., 2013) Contact: ArboWind, Dilip Nigam, Pres. & CEO, (734) 761-2626,

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Sky Harvest to acquire Vertical Axis Turbine Maker (M&A)
Sky Harvest Windpower Corp
Date: 2013-07-10
Vancouver-based Sky Harvest Windpower Corp. has entered into an agreement to acquire a vertical axis wind turbine manufacturing and sales business from an unnamed private Canadian company in consideration of the issuance of 650,000 shares of its common stock, cash payments totaling $65,000, and the grant of an option to the vendor to acquire up to 550,000 shares of its common stock at a price of $0.10 for a period of five years. This grant is pursuant to the Company's previously announced 2011 Stock Option Plan. In addition, Sky Harvest has agreed to pay the vendor a royalty of 200 for every vertical axis wind turbine that it sells for a period of ten years. The vendor will also receive 500,000 voting shares of the subsidiary company that holds the turbine assets if that company's shares trade publicly on a recognized stock exchange or quotation system. As part of the agreement, Sky Harvest has acquired the intellectual property rights relating to the turbine design, and leasehold interests in both manufacturing facilities and equipment.

Sky Harvest has received written expressions of interest for the purchase of over 13,000 vertical axis turbines from parties in four different countries.Sky Harvest has also entered into discussions with additional parties with compatible technology regarding the potential joint venture development of additional wind turbine products.

In addition to planned manufacturing and sales activities, Sky Harvest will also focus on further turbine research and development in order to introduce new products for commercial use. The company expects that this may include grant or joint venture opportunities with government entities, universities, and private corporations.

In connection with the acquisition, Sky Harvest has incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary under the name Sky Vertical Technologies Inc. ("Sky Vertical") that holds the assets and will undertake operations. (Source: Sky Harvest Windpower Corp., PR, July 9, 2013) Contact: Sky Harvest Windpower, William Iny, CEO, (604) 267-3041,

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Japanese Wind Turbine Maker Opening Montana Plant (Ind. Report)
Taisei Techno
Date: 2013-07-08
Japanese vertical-axis wind turbine maker Taisei Techno Co. Ltd is reported to be planing to expand its wind power division in the United States, and has selected Billings, Montana as the site to test its 42-foot, 10-kilowatt turbine. The company recently leased space in Billings where it plans to assemble small components for wind- and solar-powered cell phone charging stations that will be installed at train station platforms.

According to Rhyno Stinchfield, CEO of GreenWorld Partners, a Billings wind energy and consulting business, Taisei's Billings operation is tied to increased investment into passenger rail transportation. Taisei, which also makes components for Asian passenger trains, is looking to expand into the American market. (Source: Taisei Techno, Green World Partners, Billings Gazette, July6, 2013) Contact: Taisei Techno Co., Ltd.,,

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Korsair Seals European Markets Deal with Mystery Canadian Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Maker (Ind. Report, Int'l)
Korsair Holdings
Date: 2013-04-24
Swiss-based Korsair Holdings AG has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with an as yet to be named Canadian "vertical Wind" turbine manufacturer.

According to Korsair Holdings CEO Boris Rubizhevsky, "We see small wind and especially vertical wind turbines as the next wave of wind energy installations. Vertical wind turbines with direct drive generator offer needed flexibilities for smaller scale installations making such systems attractive from individual home owners to farmers, to small enterprises that wish to contribute to lowering carbon footprint as well as lower their own energy costs. The Canadian Company has created an efficient and profitable energy source that is completely environmentally friendly, with a wind turbine that can start with a slight breeze and operate in winds as low as 4 to 5 miles an hour." Rubizhevsky added, "We will now be able to offer several options to our potential customers, i.e. wind turbine only and a complete energy system that will also include our Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries and controls. With the system starting price at under €10,000 and going up to over €50,000 we expect to reach €7.5million in sales over the next 12 months. Over the next several months Korsair expects to engage several established local distributors to help us with our sales efforts."

Korsair Holdings AG is a technology holding company focusing on environmental and technical infrastructure projects related to renewable energy and green technologies. (Source: Kosair Holdings, PR, April, 2013) Contact: Korsair Holdings CEO,,

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McKenzie Bay, CGE Ink Vertical Axis Wind Deal (Ind. Report)
Clean Green Energy,McKenzie Bay International
Date: 2013-02-01
Muskegon, Mich.-headquartred McKenzie Bay International Ltd. and Brighton, Mich.-based Clean Green Energy LLC (CGE) are set to mutually benefit from their deal for the installation of CGE's WINDe20® vertical axis wind turbines. CGE recently secured $25 million in project financing to fully-fund the installations. McKenzie Bay will set-up a distribution network and establish Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with public and municipal utilities.

McKenzie Bay International Ltd. is a publicly traded renewable energy technology holding company specializing in the acquisition of exclusive rights to renewable energy technologies to establish multiple revenue streams. (Source: McKenzie Bay, Jan. 29, 2013) Contact: Clean Green Energy, (248) 446-1344,; McKenzie Bay International Ltd,

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Clean Green Energy Secures $25Mn Wind PPA Financing (Funding)
Clean Green Energy
Date: 2013-01-25
Brighton, Michigan-based Clean Green Energy LLC (CGE) has secured $25 million in project financing enabling the full funding of customer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and the installations of their WINDe20(R) vertical axis wind turbines. By providing their customers with clean energy under a PPA, CGE customers can benefit from wind energy sans up-front capital costs.

CGE is currently signing PPAs nationwide, and will be beginning installations of their turbines in 2013. According to of CGE, "With guaranteed financing in place, our customers can be assured of our ability to honor each prior commitment and future commitments we make in operating WINDe20(R) at the customer's location. Clean Green Energy is a renewable energy company located in Brighton, Michigan. CGE is dedicated to bringing clean power to local facilities with their innovative WINDe20(R) vertical axis wind turbine. The 105 foot tall turbine generates power onsite, and is an ideal solution for the educational, business, and municipal consumers. (Source: Clean Green Energy, LLC Jan. 23, 2013) Contact: CGE, Bryan Zaplitny, President/CEO, (248) 446-1344,,

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Permit Wording Ignites UK Wind Farm Opposition (Int'l)
Quiet Revolution
Date: 2012-07-26
In the UK, London-based vertical axis wind turbine developer Quiet Revolution's planned 5KW wind farm at Buckhayes Farm, Devon, has attracted strong opposition from local residents. District planning officer Tina Maryan is encouraging the company to withdraw the scheme until they can provide further "clear" details so the authority can make an informed decision on whether to grant permission or not.

The developer and the project have been criticized for the apparently "speculative nature" and their "we believe this development can be commercially viable" wording of their permitting application. More studies and assessments will be carried out by Quiet Revolution. (Source: Mid Devon Gazette, July 24, 2012) Contact: Quiet Revolution,

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OMRF Inaugurates Vertical-Axis, Rooftop Wind Farm (Ind. Report)
Rooftop Wind
Date: 2012-06-21
On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation inaugurated 18 new vertical wind turbines that will help supply power to the foundation's research tower. The helical turbines will generate a portion of the electricity used in the tower, making it the first medical research facility in North America to harness the wind to provide its own power. The turbines are expected to create 85,500 kilowatt hours of energy annually. That is the same amount required to power seven average-sized homes for a year.

Part of the funding for the $1 million wind turbine project came from The Puterbaugh Foundation. Dallas-based SWG Energy Inc. led the installation of the 4.5 kilowatt turbines. (Source: NewsOK, June 20, 2012)

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One of Earth's Greenest Buildings Slated for Pittsburgh (Ind. Report)
Phipps Conservatory
Date: 2012-05-08
On May 23, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, Penna., will unveil its innovative Center for Sustainable Landscapes Seeking to achieve or exceed the world's highest sustainable standards, including the Living Building Challenge, LEED® Platinum and Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES) certification for landscapes, it will also be the largest operational structure pursuing living building status in the U.S. when it opens.

Constructed with mostly U.S.-made materials, the CSL -- home base for environmental education and research -- aims to achieve net-zero energy consumption with solar photovoltaics, geothermal wells and a vertical axis wind turbine, as well as passive cooling, heating and lighting methods. It will also save resources by treating and reusing all water captured on site. Additionally, the CSL will interact with its environs as a vital part of daily operation, blurring the lines between the natural and built environments. And, as a global SITES™ pilot project, it will feature a restorative landscape with native plants and a demonstration green roof garden. Other site features include a lagoon, water distillation system, rain gardens, and constructed wetlands. (Source: Phipps Conservatory, 7 May, 2012)Contact: Liz Fetchin Director of Marketing and Communications Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (412) 441-4442, ext. 3801,,

Sauer Energy Touts Community Wind Projects (Ind. Report)
Sauer Energy
Date: 2012-05-03
Home and enterprise scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems developer Sauer Energy Inc. reports its development of Community Wind projects to generate energy from a strategically placed cluster of turbines in a low wind area while remaining close to an existing grid. Sauer Energy says it is developing economical ways to generate electricity on a larger scale and plans to provide a more compact and more affordable alternative to large turbines on a commercial scale, that can be privately owned and placed closer to the areas where more energy is consumed with less of a loss due to distance between the power producer and the grid. Private owners can benefit by utilizing the energy generated or by selling it to the utility company.

A Community Wind Project can be owned by an individual or a small local group and can contain a few units or a considerable number of units which can affect the amount of energy generated. The frequency of wind and wind speed will likewise help determine the ROI point. The 30% federal incentive in place now has no limit as to the number of turbines on one parcel of land; state and local incentives may vary. Therefore, the return on investment (ROI) will vary in correlation to all pertinent dynamics. (Source: Sauer Energy PR, May 1, 2012) Contact: Dieter Sauer, President and CEO, Sauer Energy, (888) 829-8748,

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Enlighten Hybrid Solar, Wind Powered Street Lights Available in Canada (New Prod. & Tech.)
EfstonScienceEnlighten Solar
Date: 2012-04-26
Toronto, Ontario-based EfstonScience, Canada's largest retailer of scientific products, has launched a new division specializing in solar wind powered street lights. Enlighten Solar and Hybrid Lighting Systems are innovative, off-grid light standards that generate electricity from both the sun and wind throughout the day and night to power a high-efficiency LED light. The inclusion of in-pole real-time remote management and monitoring to track device performance, ensure efficiency and allow for easy troubleshooting is exclusive to Enlighten lighting systems, and a first for the US market.

Enlighten Hybrid Powered Lighting Systems was developed by EfstonScience in partnership with StressCrete/King Luminaire and Clear Blue Technologies, providers of the hybrid charge controller and real-time clouded remote monitoring and data collection. The Enlighten Hybrid Lighting Systems combines a Daisy vertical axis wind turbine and solar photovoltaics. Solar wind hybrid lighting systems, consisting of one or two solar panels and no wind turbines, are available. (Source: EfstonScience, April 24, 2012) Contact: EfstonScience, (416) 787-4581,

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