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Port Advances Cool Planets' Louisiana Biofuel Plant (Funding)
Cool Planet
Date: 2015-03-16
Following on our Nov. 6, 2014 coverage, the Port of Alexandria in Louisiana has begun work on $6.4 million in road and other improvements as it prepares for the construction of Colorado-headquartered Cool Planet Energy Systems' new $56 million biofuel-from-woody biomass fuel production plant. The plant will produce CoolTerra biochar before manufacturing fuel on a large-scale basis.

Cool PLanet previously received investments from Google and General Electric and $91 million in federal loan guarantees to build its first plant. The company now plans to build two additional production facilities in Louisiana, according to the Times-Picayune. Cool Planet broke ground in February 2013 and expects the plant to be operational in late 2015 or early 2016. The refinery will produce up to 10 million gpy of reformate, a drop-in ingredient in gasoline and jet fuel that can be added during the regular refinery process.

The Port of Alexandria is expected to invest as much as $12 million in the Cool Planet plant project. The funding will come from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and the Red River Waterway Commission. (Source: Cool Planet, Town Talk, 11 Mar., 2015) Contact: Port of Alexandria, (318) 473-1848; Cool Planet Energy Systems, Howard Janzen, CEO, Mike Rocke, (940) 584-0490,,

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Sungevity Solar Leases Available in Tar Heel State (Ind. Report)
Sungevity, Inc.
Date: 2015-03-04
Sungevity, Inc., a solar-energy company co-founded by a University of Norh Carolina alumus, will become the first national solar company to operate in the Tar Heel State.

Sungevity , which leases solar panels to homeowners, has partnered with Lowe's, General Electric, and the North Carolina Sierra Club to bring solar energy to the state. (Source: Sungevity,, 2 Mar., 2015) Contact: Sungevity, Alec Guettel, Co-Founder, Andrew Birch, CEO, (510) 496-5500,

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Vestas Tops FTI's 2014 Wind Turbine OEM Ranking (Ind. Report)
Vestas,FTI Consulting
Date: 2015-02-25
Denmark's Vestas Wind Systems A/S , which was ranked was ranked the number-one wind turbine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) globally in 2013, is still in first place, according to preliminary rankings by FTI Consulting Inc . Vestas was followed by Siemens AG, Xinjiang Goldwind, General Electric, Enercon GmbH and Suzlon in that order. Other well known manufacturers including Gamesa and Germany's Nordex SE missed the top five list.

According to FTI Consulting director Feng Zhao, global wind capacity additions in 2014 surpassed 50 GW and all top 10 wind turbine OEMs broke individual installation records.(Source: FTI Consulting Inc., Vestas, SeeNews, 22 Feb., 2015) Contact: FTI Consulting, (410) 224-8770,

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GE Joins Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (Ind. Report)
General Electric
Date: 2015-01-26
General Electric reports that it has joined the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology, Etihad Airways, Boeing, Honeywell UOP, and Safran in the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC). The consortium supports the development and support of technologies/approaches to producing "sustainable bioenergy" and the aviation industry's efforts to develop "next-gen" fuels.

The consortium's project -- the Integrated Seawater Energy and Agriculture System -- addresses address the issues of energy security, carbon emissions, desertification, food security, and agricultural pollution through the use of an integrated, closed-loop agricultural system that produces food and biofuel feedstock.

The technology uses coastal seawater to raise fish and shrimp for food, whose nutrient-rich waste-water then fertilizes plants rich in oils that can be harvested for aviation biofuel production. The plants thrive in arid, desert conditions and don't require fresh water or arable land to grow. Lastly, the effluent is diverted into cultivated mangroves before being discharged back into the sea, further removing nutrients and providing valuable carbon storage. A pilot project is expected to be up and running before the end of the year. (Source: GE, Masdar Institute, Others, Jan., 2015) Masdar Institute, 011 +97 1 2810 9333,; General Electric,

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Alstom's Haliade™ 150 - 6MW Offshore Wind Turbine Certified (Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-01-26
The Alstom Haliade 150-6MW offshore wind turbine has secured its final certification for the Carnet site in France from the certification body DNV-GL. This is major step and a prerequisite for commercial operation, demonstrating the wind turbine's overall efficiency. The Haliade™ has been selected for the Block Island project in the U.S. and by EDF-EN for three French projects representing a total of 1.5 GW.

With the Haliade™ 150, Alstom has designed a simple, robust and efficient offshore wind turbine, one of the largest of its kind in the world to date. The Haliade™ 150-6MW is a direct-drive wind turbine that works without a gearbox and features a permanent magnet generator designed by GEPC (General Electric Power Conversion), specialists in energy conversion. Like all Alstom wind turbines, the Haliade™ is founded on Alstom Pure Torque® technology, which protects the generator by safely deflecting bending stress towards the tower, optimizing turbine performance. (Source: Alstom Renewable Power, 26 Jan., 2015) Contact: Alstom Renewabe Power, Cecile Dodat ,, 011 +33 1 4149 79 42,

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GE Slashes Grid-Scale Durathon Battery Production (Ind. Report)
General Electric
Date: 2015-01-26
Citing a slower than expected-to-develop market for grid-scale energy storage , GE reports that it is significantly cutting sodium-ion Durathon battery production at its Schenectady, New York plant. The $170 million plant, which was commissioned in 2011, has been idled since September, 2014, due to what GE described as "equipment failure."

According to GE, its Durathon batteries are half the size and one-quarter the weight of the equivalent large-format lead-acid batteries that it can replace in industrial and grid settings. The Durathon battery also has a with longer life span and safer operating characteristics than competing lithium-ion batteries. (Source: General Electric, 22 Jan., 2015) Contact: GE Energy Storage, Prescott Logan, GM,

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Wartsila Supplied Wind-Integrating Power Plant Operational in Oregon (Ind. Report)
Wartsila Corp.,Portland General Electric
Date: 2015-01-19
In Washington State, Wartsila is reporting that the Port Westward Unit 2 power plant, supplied by Wartsila for Portland General Electric (PGE), reached commercial operation near Clatskanie, Oregon. The installation includes 12 natural gas powered Wartsila 50SG engines with an output of 18 MW, backed by a 10-year maintenance agreement. The 220 MW Smart Power Generation plant balances wind and solar energy and provides load-following and peaking services.

PGE`s latest large-scale wind project went online in Washington State in December. The Tucannon River Wind farm consists of 116 wind turbines with capacity of 267 megawatts. The new wind farm helped PGE meet the 2015 goal for Oregon's Renewable Portfolio Standard, which calls for PGE to supply 15 percent of the electricity used by its customers from qualified renewable resources by 2015 and 25 percent by 2025. Wartsila`s total installed capacity in the United States is approximately 2400 MW. (Source: Wartsila Corp, 15 Jan. 2015) Contact: Wartsila Power Plants, Wayne Elmore, Regional Director, (281) 233-6213,, www.wartsila,com; PGE, Jim Piro, Pres., CEO,

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GE Seals Casa dos Ventos Brazilian Wind Turbine Deal (Ind. Report)
Impsa,General Electric Wind,Casa dos Ventos
Date: 2015-01-19
In Brazil, GE will supply 77 units of its GE1.6-100 model 1.6MW wind turbine to four 30.8MW projects across the district of Tiangua. All four projects are slated for February, 2016 commissionings.

The projects, which are in Santo Inacio, Santa Rosa, Sao Geraldo and Sao Sebastiao, were acquired in 2014 by Casa dos Ventos, led by global investment firm Salus, from Agentinean turbine manufacture and developer Impsa. (Source: GE, Windpower, Others, 15 Jan., 2015) Contact: Impsa Wind, Federico Bianchi, 011 +54 11 6090 0800,,; Casa dos Ventos, 011 +55 71 3271 8650,; GE Wind Energy,

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PGE Completes 116-Turbine Washington State Wind Farm (Ind. Report)
Portland General Electric
Date: 2015-01-14
Further to our August 21st, 2013 report, Portland General Electric (PGE) is reporting the completion of its 267-MW Tucannon River Wind Farm in Columbia County, Washington. The 116 turbine project is the utility's second fully owned and operated large-scale wind project and is expected to generate sufficient electric power for approximately 85,000 homes. (Source: PGE, Jan. 12, 2014) Contact: Portland General Electric, Steve Corson, (503) 464-8444,

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GE Receives "Green Duba" ISCC Turbine Order (Int'l, Ind. Report)
General Electric,Saudi Electricity Company
Date: 2015-01-05
In Saudi Arabia, GE is reporting receipt of an order from the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) to supply turbines for the "Green Duba" project, the Kingdom's first integrated solar and combined cycle (ISCC) power plant. The project has a 600MW power generation capacity of which 10 pct will be produced using solar technology. The project is expected to generate sufficient power for up to 600,000 homes.

The SEC order includes two F-class gas turbines, a 7F.05 and a 7F.03; steam turbine; generators; heat recovery steam generators (HRSG); condenser; boiler feed pumps; Mark VIe distributed control system and a long-term service agreement. Financial details were not disclosed. (Source: GE, Saudi Electricity Company ,, 4 Jan., 2014) Contact: Saudi Electricity Company, Ziyad M. Alshiha, CEO,; GE, Hisham Albahkali, Pres.,CEO for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain,

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Iberdrola Completes 13.6 MW Kenyan Wind Farm (Int'l., Ind. Report)
Gamesa, Iberdrola
Date: 2014-11-19
In a consortium with Gamesa, Iberdrola has completed the construction of the 13.6 MW Ngong II Wind Farm in Kenya. The project is located west of the capital city of Nairobi. The contract for the €21.4 million project was awarded to the consortium by the state-owned Kenyan Electricity Generating Company Ltd (KenGen).

The new "turnkey" wind farm, which utilizes 16 Gamesa G52 wind turbines, was financed by the Spanish Enterprise Internationalisation Fund (FIEM), and completed two months ahead of schedule.

Iberdrola is also building the 61 MW Kinangop Wind Farm which will utilize 38, General Electric 1.6 MW wind turbines.

Iberdrola is active in almost 40 countries with its subsidiary being responsible for turnkey projects for other companies in the group and for third parties. (Source: Iberdrola, RE Mag., Others, 17 Nov., 2014) Contact: Iberdola ,; Gamesa Corp.,; Kenyan Electricity Generating Company Ltd.,; Spanish Enterprise Internationalisation Fund,

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GE Launches AnMBR Tech, PurposeEnergy Collaboration (Ind. Report)
General Electric,PurposeEnergy Inc.
Date: 2014-10-03
General Electric is reporting the the introduction of its Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) technology, a membrane-based wastewater treatment technology that combines anaerobic digestion (AD) technology with GE's ZeeWeed 500 membranes.

GE has also revealed a collaboration with Arlington, Mass.-based PurposeEnergy Inc., whereby GE's AnMBR technology and PurposeEnergy's Tribrid-Bioreactor will be combined as a solution to reuse industrial wastewater while also converting waste into energy. PurposeEnergy's Tribrid-Bioreactor is an AD system engineered specifically for food and beverage industry byproducts. According to GE, combining the AnMBR technology and the Tribrid-Bioreactor results in a complete retention of biomass and prevents the discharge of both organic and inert solids. (Source: GE Power & Water, 29 Sept., 2014) Contact: GE Power & Water, Yuvbir Singh, GM, Engineered Systems,; PurposeEnergy Inc., (617) 202-9156,

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GE Opens Upstate New York Oxide Fuel Cell Facility (Ind. Report)
General Electric,Hudson Valley Community College
Date: 2014-08-29
Fairfield, Connecticut]headquartered General Electric Co. has opened a new facility in Malta, New York, north of Albany. The facility will be devoted to the development of high-efficiency oxide fuel cells that take in natural gas. GE believes oxide fuel cells could generate from one to 10 mw of power.

The company will install and operate a smaller, 50 kilowatt fuel cell generator at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New Yotk. College officials say the deal will open the door to new career fields for students. (Source: GE, Various Other Sources, 26 Aug., 2014) Contact: GE,; Hudson Valley Community College, (518) 629-4822,

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Efficiency Translates into Data Center Energy Savings -- White Papers Attached (Ind. Report)
General Electric
Date: 2014-06-27
According to Brad Thrash, product manager, global AC power systems, GE's Critical Power business, small percentage increases in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) efficiency have the potential to add up to millions of dollars in energy cost savings for data centers. That's the case articulated in a newly released white paper from GE on the energy efficiency of multi-mode UPS systems used in data centers around the globe.

According to the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, raising energy efficiency levels of UPS systems in data centers from 90 to 98 percent can save $3 billion annually in energy costs. "Many UPS units still operate at alternating-current-to-direct-current conversion efficiency levels of around 93 percent," said Thrash. "A small increase in efficiency from just 93 to 94 percent has the potential to yield up to $1.4 million in energy costs over 10 years." The white paper, UPS Efficiency -- Why Energy Efficiency Numbers Add Up , examines the technology and market issues driving UPS multi-mode energy efficiency technologies, including GE's eBoost UPS efficiency technology.

The white paper is available HERE. An additional technical white paper, GE's eBoost Technology -- Reducing Data Center Power Consumption, Ensuring Power Quality is available for download HERE. (Source: GE, 25 June, 2014) Contact: GE, Critical Power Business,,

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GE Tops Siemens, MHI Joint Offshore Wind Bid (Ind. Report)
Alstom,General Electric
Date: 2014-06-25
Alstom reports that its Board of Directors has approved a $16.9 billion offer from U.S.-based GE. The GE offer includes the establishment of an offshore wind joint venture. GE's proposal bested a similar combined bid by Germany-based Siemens and Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). The GE transaction requires a bevy of shareholder, regulatory and other approvals before it is finalized. According to GE, the deal is expected to close in 2015.

Moving forward, GE and Alstom will form three 50/50 joint ventures, including one in Alstom's offshore wind and hydro businesses. The two companies will also hold a 50 percent stake in a global business combining Alstom Grid and GE Digital Energy, as well as create a 50/50 global nuclear and French steam alliance. The French government will hold a preferred share. General Electric (GE) has also signed a MoU to sell its signaling business to Alstom for approximately $825 million. The signaling business is a provider of on-board and wayside signaling systems and communications solutions for the global rail industry. (Source: Alstom, NAW, 23 June, 2014) Contact: Alstom, Patrick Kron, CE,; GE,

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Pattern Energy Acquiing 179 MW Texas Wind Power Project (M&A)
Pattern Energy,ERCOT
Date: 2014-05-14
San Francisco-based Pattern Energy Group Inc. will acquire 179 MW of owned interest in the 218 MW Panhandle 1 wind project in Carson County, Texas, from Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern Development) following its completion, expected in June 2014, for $125 million cash from available cash and credit facilities, subject to adjustments and customary conditions.

Upon completion, Panhandle 1 will consists of 118 General Electric 1.85 MW wind turbines. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close following the commencement of commercial operations in June 2014.

Following commencement of commercial operations, approximately 77 percent of Panhandle 1's expected output is contracted under a 13-year energy price hedge, with an A-/Baa2 credit-rated affiliate of Citibank, with the balance paid at Electric Reliability Council of Texas' (ERCOT)spot market prices. (Source: Pattern Energy, May, 2014) Contact: Pattern Energy, Mike Garland, CEO, Matt Dallas, (917) 363-1333,,; ERCOT,

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GE Makes First Indian Solar Investment (Int'l, M&A)
GE Energy Financial Services
Date: 2014-05-05
Fairfield, Conn.-based General Electric Energy Financial Services (GE) has entered into a $24 million partnership with Welspun Renewables Energy to expand solar energy generation in India. This will be GE's first investment in a solar power projects in India. GE will invest $24 million for a 151-megawatt solar photovoltaic power project that Welspun, an Indian clean energy generating company, commissioned in 2013. The project produces sufficient power for 624,000 homes and reduces an estimated 216,372 tpy of CO2.

The project, part of Welspun's 308-MW operational solar portfolio, is in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Power from the project is sold to the Madhya Pradesh state utility.

With this transaction, GE has exceeded $10 billion in renewable energy investment commitments worldwide, including $1.8 billion in solar power commitments in seven countries. GE Financial Services expects it will invest more than $1 billion annually in renewable energy projects, its fastest-growing energy sector. (Source: GE Energy Financial Services ,, 2 May, 2014) Contact: GE Financial Services, Kevin Walsh, Manager Director and Head of Power and Renewable Energy, Jaclyn Cole, (203) 961-2934,,

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Cool Planet Raises $71Mn in New Funding (Ind. Report)
Cool Planet
Date: 2014-04-07
Greenwood Village, Colorado-based Cool Planet Energy Systems Inc. reports raising another $71.6 million in equity funding just weeks after breaking ground on the first of three biofuel refineries anticipated to cost a total of $168 million in Louisiana. The refineries are slated to produce high-octane, renewable gasoline from plant materials, as well as biochar.

Although the investors in the round were not identified, Cool PLanet previously received backing from Google, BP and a consortium including General Electric, ConocoPhillips and NRG Energy. In a regulatory filing, the company said $51 million of the new funding will repay some debt. (Source: Cool Planet Energy Inc., Others, Denver Business Journal, 3 April, 2014) Contact: Cool Planet Energy Systems, Howard Janzen, CEO, Mike Rocke, (940) 584-0490,; Commercial Biochar Sales (888) 564-9332,,

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GE Technology Boosts Refrigerator Efficiency (New Prod & Tech)
General Electric Appliances
Date: 2014-03-17
GE Appliances is developing magnetocaloric refrigeration, an energy efficient magnetic refrigeration technology requiring no refrigerant gases or compressors to increase household refrigerator energy efficiency by 20 percent. Although not new, the technology should be a regular feature of residential refrigeration within five years, according to a GE news release.

Magnetocaloric refrigeration uses a water-based fluid rather than a chemical refrigerant such as Freon to transfer heat from inside the refrigerator and achieve the cooling process. Instead of a compressor, magnets are used to create a magnetic field that agitates particles in the fluid causing it to cool. The strength of the magnetic fields determines how cold the fluid becomes, and in turn, how quickly it cools the refrigerator. The lack of refrigerant also will make recycling used refrigerators easier and cheaper. (Source: GE,, 13 Mar., 2014) Contact: GE Appliances, Venkat Venkatakrishnan, Dir. of Advanced Technologies,

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GE Intros Energy Storage Equipped Wind Turbine (New Prod & Tech)
General Electric
Date: 2014-03-12
General Electric (GE) has launched its 2.75-120 wind turbine. The 2.75-120delivers 5 percent more annual energy production than GE's 2.5-120 model and is available with various tower technologies, ranging from 85-139 meters, and optional shor or long-term energy storage. Short-term or long-term energy storage is available with the 2.75-120, making wind power more predictable, flexible and fast responding through battery software applications. Short-term storage is integrated at the turbine level and long-term storage is centralized for the wind farm. These options further customize GE's offering based on-site or operator needs.

The 2.75-120 is part of GE's brilliant wind turbine platform and utilizes the power of the Industrial Internet to analyze tens of thousands of data points every second, driving higher output, improving services productivity and creating new revenue streams for customers. (Source: GE Power & Water, 10 Mar., 2014) Contact: GE Power & Water, Lindsay Theile, (518) 385-3194,, Laura Aresi , +39 02 67335622,,

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GE Launches Wind Turbine Repair Lab Near Albany (Ind. Report)
General Electric
Date: 2014-03-03
General Electric has opened the Global Wind Turbine Repair Innovation Lab in Albany, New York to expedite the repair of wind turbine gear boxes. The 6,000 square-foot facility is a branch of the existing repair development center, will allow GE to develop new repair methods, tools and parts. The new labs technical capabilities include rapid prototyping with tools such as 3-dimensional printers, robotic welding and mechanical repair. The facility is also equipped with seven wind turbine gear boxes, used for troubleshooting purposes.

Plans for the project hit the drawing board in October 2012 and the facility was fully renovated by April 2013.(Source: GE, Albany Business, 27 Feb., 2014) Global Wind Turbine Repair Innovation Lab,

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GE Financial Services Expands Solar Portfolio (M&A)
GE Financial Services,EDF Renewable Energy
Date: 2013-12-13
GE Financial Services has invested in EDF Renewable Energy's Catalina Solar plant in Rosamond, California. The transaction contributes to GE Energy Financial Services' one–gigawatt, $1.5 billion solar investment commitments, comprising over 50 installations. Financial terms were not readily available.

GE initially acquired a minority ownership stake in the 143-MW project in late 2012, prior to the first 60 MWp going online. Following construction completion and the achievement of commercial operations in August, the group purchased the remaining stake and converted the entire structure to a single investor lease. EDF is providing long-term operations and maintenance for the project.

Catalina Solar includes over 1.1 million thin-film PV solar modules from First Solar and Solar Frontier. The project's clean energy, which is being purchased by San Diego Gas & Electric Company, is sufficient to power 35,000 homes annually and offset 250,000 MTPY of greenhouse gas emissions. (Source: GE Financial Services, Dec., 2013) Contact: GE Financial Services, Kevin Walsh, Manager Director and Head of Power and Renewable Energy, Jaclyn Cole, (203) 961-2934,,; EDF Renewable Energy, Tristan Grimbert, Pres., CEO,

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GE to Invest $5Bn in Turkish Wind Turbine Plant (Ind. Report)
General Electric
Date: 2013-11-27
The U.S.' largest wind turbine maker General Electric (GE) will reportedly invest over $5 billion in the construction of a 3,000 MW wind turbine plant in Turkey. The investment is larger than the current wind energy power plants in operation in all of Turkey. The most critical factor in this agreement consists of the transfer of technology to Turkey.

Second only to China, Turkey is currently experiencing the fastest rise in electricity consumption in the world. The current rate of consumption is expected to double by 2023. (Source: GE, ANSA, 26 Nov., 2013) General Electric,

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Clemson Dedicates $110Mn Energy Center (Ind. Report, R&D)
Clemson University
Date: 2013-11-25
Following-up on our October 7the coverage, Clemson University has dedicated its new $110 million research center as part of the university's Restoration Institute. The energy research center will help develop and test a new generation of wind energy and related equipment and projects. Clemson won $45 million in DOE stimulus grant funding for the project in a competitive award process. 150 companies and agencies were involved in creating the Energy Innovation Center.

The first turbine design that will be tested was manufactured by General Electric's Power and Wind Division. (Source: Clemson University, WSOCTV, 21 Nov., 2013) Contact: Clemson University, Restoration Institute, John Kelly, Exec. Dir., (843) 554-7226,,

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GE Wins 545MW to Power Brazilian Wind Farms (Ind. Report)
General Electric
Date: 2013-11-25
GE has been awarded 545 MW of orders for wind turbines in Brazil's A-3 auction, which was held on November 18. The total amount of energy auctioned was 867 MW and GE secured 63 percent of the auction capacity. GE will provide 1.7-100 and 1.85-82.5 turbines for wind farms developed by Casa dos Ventos, Eletrosul, Contour Global, CEEE, PEC, Rio Energy and Chesf in the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia and Piaui. GE will also service the wind turbines for 10 years under the terms of an operations and maintenance agreement that includes an availability guarantee for the 26 wind farms.

Between this week's auction and the reserve power auction that took place in August, GE secured a total of 1 GW of commitments for wind energy. (Source : GE, 22 Nov., 2013) Contact: GE, Jean-Claude Robert, GM Latin America,

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GE Provides Turbines to Chelveston, Burton Wold Wind Farms (Int'l)
General Electric,John Laing
Date: 2013-11-08
GE reports that it is providing two new U.K. wind farms with more than 40MW of installed capacity.

GE supplied the Chelveston Wind Farm with nine GE 2.85MW wind turbines and will deliver nine GE 1.6MW wind turbines to the Burton Wold wind farm extension in Kettering. The Chelveston Wind Farm will provide 25.65MW of power to the grid. The wind farm was commissioned in September 2013 and entered full operation in October 2013. The Burton Wold wind farm extension will provide 14.4MW of power.

Project plans were developed by First Renewable Ltd. John Laing, a specialist investor in, and manager of, infrastructure assets principally for the public sector, is the owner and operator of the projects. GE has signed long term service and maintenance agreements for both wind farms. (Source: GE, 6 Nov., 2013) Contact: General Electric,; John Laing, +44 (0) 20 7901 35-7,

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GE Unveils Breakthrough Battery Technology (New Prod & Tech)
GE Energy Storage
Date: 2013-09-30
General Electric has unveiled a new Durathon Battery to power underground mining vehicles. Specifically, the new Durathon Battery will save significant operating costs due to the 50 percent reduction in weight, 25 percent reduction in size, and 40 percent increase in operating range in comparison to traditional batteries. The new battery is also cleaner because it contains no lead acid materials, eliminating the release of gases when charging, as well as removing the explosive fuel sources underground and reducing miner exposure to diesel particulate matter.

The new battery is a joint development between GE's Mining and Energy Storage businesses within GE's Transportation Division. (Source: GE Energy Storage, PR, Wall Street Cheat Sheet, 28 Sept., 2013) Contact: GE Energy Storage, Prescott Logan, general manager,

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GE Wins $2.2Bn Algerian Turbine Contract (Int'l., Ind. Report)
General Electric
Date: 2013-09-23
In Algiers, General Electric Co. has won a $2.2 billion contract to provide turbines with a total capacity of 8,400 megawatts for installation at 6 new power plants to be built by the Algerian government. The six new power plants with power production capacities ranging between 1,200 and 1,600 megawatts each. Construction of all 6 power plants is slated for completion by 2017.

The GE deal is part of Algeria's efforts to construct its own power stations, buying only the turbines from foreign suppliers. The new plants are intended to put an end to Algeria's frequent rolling power blackouts and complete power cuts during peak usage periods. (Source: General Electric, AFP, 22 Sept., 2013) Contact: General Electric,

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Wind Investments Blow Pickens Off Forbes 400 List (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
T. Boone Pickens
Date: 2013-09-18
Businessman T. Boone Pickens was dropped from the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans after losing much of his fortune in the wind farming industry. According to Forbes, Pickens' fortune dropped below the $1 billion mark for the first time since 2005. His net worth once amounted to an estimated $2 billion, but now it sits at around $950 million.

Pickens told the hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that he had "lost [his] ass in the [wind] business." He added, "the jobs are in oil and gas."

In 2008, Pickens debuted his "Pickens Plan" which aimed to increase the nation's use of wind energy and decrease America's dependence on OPEC oil. With the help of investors he spent $80 million on TV ads to promote his plan and $2 billion on General Electric wind turbines. Pickens hoped that once the wind farm was constructed, it would be the largest in the world. The plan collapsed after natural gas prices fell and selling wind power was no longer economically feasible. He lost $150 million of his personal fortune on the failed wind plan.

After his failure in the wind market, Pickens revamped his Pickens Plan to focus on the use of natural gas as well as any other American-based energy source. He has made moves to convert all trucks from using gasoline to natural gas. As part of this effort, he has encouraged Obama to use subsidies in order to incentivize the trucking industry to make the switch.

Pickens says that this new endeavor is mainly an effort to "end America's addiction to foreign oil," though critics also speculate that although the former billionaire is now 84, profits are driving his interest in energy policy.

The American energy man wants the world to know that he will be able to survive living off of his mere $950 million. When ESPN's Darren Rovell confronted Pickens over Twitter about his new status as a millionaire, Pickens tweeted, "Don't worry. At $950 million, I'm doing fine. Funny, my $1 billion charitable giving exceeds my net worth." (Source: Daily Caller, Sept. 16, 2013)

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EDF Renewable Energy, GE Announce Turbine Supply Deal (Ind. Report)
General Electric Wind,EDF Renewable Energy
Date: 2013-09-16
General Electric has sealed a deal with San Diego-based renewable energy developer EDF Renewable Energy for up to 200 MW of wind turbines for several EDF U.S. wind projects slated to begin construction this year. EDF Renewable Energy says it has 4,000 MW of developed projects across 16 states. Financial details were not announced. (Source: GE,, Sept. 13, 2013) Contact: EDF Renewable Energy, Tristan Grimbert, Pres., CEO,; GE Wind,

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GE Expands Brazilian Wind Turbine Prod., Service Facilities (Int'l)
General Electric
Date: 2013-09-09
GE has announced the expansion of its Campinas, Sao Paulo, wind nacelles manufacturing facility which is co-located with Brazilian machinery manufacturer and GE Group subsidiary GEVISA. The facility will produce nacelles for GE 1.7-100 and 1.85-82.5 wind turbines.

GE has also announced the opening of wind services centers in Bahia and Grande do Norte, Brazil. Together, the new service centers will employ more than 100 service technicians and engineers that will monitor wind operations and weather as well as dispatch local technicians for wind farm maintenance. (Source: GE, 6 Sept., 2013) Contact: GE,

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First Solar Beefs-Up Middle Eastern Team (Ind. Report)
First Solar
Date: 2013-08-21
Tempe, Arizona-based First Solar, Inc. reports that it is expanding its Middle Eastern business development capabilities, with the appointment of Raed Bkayrat as VP of business development for Saudi Arabia. Ahmed S. Nada, VP of business development for the Middle East, will also oversee the company's commercial growth in North Africa. The two executives will report to Christopher Burghardt, VP of business development for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Ahmed joined First Solar from General Electric in January 2013 and was tasked with leading the company's business development efforts across the Middle East, excluding Saudi Arabia. Now, as VP of business development for the MENA region, he will now also be responsible for other fast-growing markets, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, in addition to his existing remit. (Source: First Solar, Arab News, 20 Aug., 2013) Contact: First Solar, (602) 414-9300,

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Siemens Lands 116 Wind Turbine Contract (Ind. Report)
Siemens,Portland General Electric
Date: 2013-08-21
Siemens Energy has won a major contract from Washington State-based public utility Portland General Electric (PGE) to supply, install and service 116 wind turbines. The 2.3 megawatt turbines will be installed at the Tucannon River Wind Farm which, when it comes online in 2015. The completed wind farm will have a total capacity of 267 MW and will supply nearly 84,000 homes with electric power.

The Tucannon River Wind Farm, formerly known as Lower Snake River Phase II, is adjacent to the Lower Snake River Phase I project, a 343-MW wind power plant completed in 2012. (Source: Siemens, Aug, 2013) Contact: Siemens,; PGE, Steve Corson, (503) 464-8444,

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GE, Sandia Developing Quieter Wind Turbines (New Prod & Tech)
General Electric Global Research,Sandia National Lab.
Date: 2013-08-19
GE Global Research, the technology development arm of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), today announced research that could significantly impact the design of future wind turbine blades. Utilizing the power of high-performance computing (HPC) to perform complex calculations, GE engineers have overcome previous design constraints, allowing them to begin exploring ways to design reengineered wind blades that are low-noise and more prolific power-producers.

Partnering with the Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, GE's work focused on advancing wind turbine blade noise prediction methods. Aerodynamic blade noise is the dominant noise source on modern, utility-scale wind turbines and represents a key constraint in wind turbine design. Efforts to reduce blade noise can help reduce the cost of wind energy and increase power output. In fact, GE predicts a 1 decibel quieter rotor design would result in a two-percent increase in annual energy yield per turbine. With approximately 240GW of new wind installations forecasted globally over the next five years, a two-percent increase would create 5GW of additional wind power capacity. That's enough to power every household in New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles, combined.

To ensure that GE's wind blades do not pose noise issues today, airfoil level acoustic measurements are performed in wind tunnels, field measurements are done to validate acceptable noise levels, and noise-reducing operating modes are implemented in the control system. Better modeling will help maintain the current low noise levels while boosting output.

GE's testing involved Sandia's Red Mesa supercomputer running a high-fidelity Large Eddy Simulation (LES) code, developed at Stanford University, to predict the detailed fluid dynamic phenomena and resulting wind blade noise. For a period of three months, this LES simulation of the turbulent air flow past a wind blade section was continuously performed on the Red Mesa HPC. The resulting flow-field predictions yielded valuable insights that were used to assess current engineering design models, the assumptions they make that most impact noise predictions, and the accuracy and reliability of model choices. (Source : GE Global Research, Business Wire, Aug. 15, 2013) Contact: GE Global Research ,Media, Todd Alhart, (518) 387-7914,, Mark Jonkhof, Wind Technology Platform Leader,,; Sandia Nat. Lab., Matt Barone, (800) 294-8358,

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General Electric Commissions Estonian Wind Farm (Int'l)
General Electric
Date: 2013-08-16
In Estonia, General Electric has commissioned the Paldiski Wind Farm, the company's first wind farm in the country. The company installed 18, GE 2.5-100 turbines totaling 45 megawatts for Nelja Energia AS and Eesti Energia AS which currently operates four Estonian wind farms with a combined capacity of 111 megawatts.

According to the Estonian Wind Power Association, Estonia erected a record number of wind turbines last year with a total capacity of 86 MW that led to the overall capacity of 269 MW. By the end of 2012, wind energy produced about 5.5 percent of Estonia's total electricity consumption. In 2011, Estonia became the first European Union member to exceed its 2020 renewable energy target. The nation's share of renewable energy in final energy consumption reached 25.9 percent in 2011, surpassing its 25 percent target. (Source: General Electric, PR, 13 Aug., 2013) Contact: Estonian Wind Power Association,; GE Wind,

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PGE Acquires Development Rights to Dayton-Area Wind Farm (M&A)
Portland Generalc Electric,Puget Sound Energy
Date: 2013-08-05
Following on our June 5 coverage, Portland General Electric (PGE) has purchased the development rights for the Lower Snake River Wind Project Phase II from Puget Sound Energy.

PGE plans to spend $500 million, including development acquisition costs, building a 267 megawatt wind farm, and will break ground this year so as to qualify for a federal renewable energy production credit. the project will have to break ground before the end of the year.

PG&E will install 116 Siemens turbines on the 20,000 acre site and plans to have the project online in the first half of 2015. (Source: Portland Generalc Electric, Union Bulletin, 2 Aug., 2013) Contact: Portland General Electric,; Puget Sound Energy, Kimberly Harris, President & CEO, (425) 454-2000, Roger Garratt, Dir. Financial Planning and Strategic Initiatives,

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Energy Trust Of Oregon Solar Incentives on the Rise (Ind. Report)
Energy Trust of Oregon
Date: 2013-07-19
In Oregon, incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon for Portland General Electric customers are being raised from $1.00 per watt to $1.20 per watt of installed capacity for solar systems up to 35 kilowatts. The incentive for systems 36-200 kW starts at $1.20 per watt and declines to $0.60 per watt as the system increases in size. The maximum incentive for a single customer is $120,000 and the maximum system size eligible for incentives is 1,000 kW.

For customers of Pacific Power in Oregon, the incentive rises to $1.10 per watt of installed capacity for systems up to 35 kilowatts, up from $0.75 per watt, and for systems 36-200 kW starts at $1.10 per watt and declines to $0.50 per watt as the system increases in size. The maximum incentive for a single customer is $100,000 and the maximum system size eligible for funding is also 1,000 kW.

The Oregon Public Utility Commission, which oversees the operations of Energy Trust, recently set a performance benchmark for Energy Trust to install 0.66 aMW of solar and small wind generation in 2013. Energy Trust intends to reach half of that goal through commercial and industrial solar installations. (Source: Energy Trust of Oregon, OPB, July 16, 2013) Contact: Energy Trust of Oregon, Peter West, Pres., Oliver Kesting, Business Sector, (503) 546-6862,

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Floating Turbine Harvests Ocean Current's Energy (New Prod & Tech)
Mitsui Ocean Development & Engineering Company
Date: 2013-07-17
Harnessing the power of the world's oceans is one of the new frontiers for designers of renewable-energy generators, and now a Japanese company may be poised to make a breakthrough with a floating wind turbine that also harvests energy from ocean currents.

SKWID (Savonius Keel & Wind Turbine Darrieus) from Tokyo-headquartered Mitsui Ocean Development & Engineering Company (MODEC) promises to convert power from offshore winds, as well as from the ocean itself, into usable energy, according to the company. Because the turbine does not need external power to operate, MODEC envisions it being used to power remote islands where it is difficult to maintain onshore electricity facilities, as well as other applications for general electricity needs in coastal areas.

SKWID is comprised of two core components: the Savonius Current Turbine and the Darrieus Wind Turbine. The former harvests energy from ocean currents and then transmits that energy via a gearbox located in the turbine to increase the rotation of the latter, according to information posted on the company's website. The Savonius is comprised of split-cylinder-shaped buckets that rotate in one direction, regardless of current direction, at the same speed as the current so as not to disturb the ocean ecosystem. The Darrieus is omnidirectional and rotates with a rectangular sweep, which allows it to catch twice as much wind when compared to onshore wind turbines of the same diameter that turn in a circular movement. (Source: Mitsui Ocean Development & Engineering Company, July, 2013) Contact: Mitsui Ocean Development & Engineering Company, MODEC, +81 3 5290 1200,; Mitsui,

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Chinese Supermarket Chain Opts for GE LED Lighting (Int'l)
China Resources Vanguard,General Electric
Date: 2013-07-15
In China, more than 25 Vanguard supermarkets have transitioned from traditional lighting solutions to GE's Tetra LED signage lighting systems. A few supermarkets are upgrading indoor lighting with GE's T5 Watt-Miser linear fluorescent lamps and ConstantColor CMH lamps.

GE's Tetra miniMAX LED signage lighting is touted to increase panel illumination by 20 percent while providing annual energy savings of about 43 percent. The Tetra miniMAX system is used for miniature channel letter lighting for logo letters and is also suitable for cove lighting, accent or border lighting for commercial buildings.

In other stores, China Resources Vanguard was looking to replace old inefficient lighting systems that required frequent maintenance. GE retrofitted the interior of several Vanguard supermarkets with its T5 Watt-Miser system which has a slim profile and claims to offer a long life of 25,000 hours.

GE's complete outdoor and indoor supermarket lighting solution is expected to save China Resources Vanguard an estimated 20 percent, or about $26,607 in energy costs annually, with a project payback period of two years. China Resources Vanguard, one of the largest retail groups in China, has more than 4,000 retail outlets in more than 100 major cities. (Sources; GE, China Resources July 15, 2013) Contact: General Electric Lighting,

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GE, PHG Energy Develope New Biomass Generator (New Prod & Tech)
General Electric, PHG Energy
Date: 2013-06-26
A General Electric (GE) and Nashville, Tenn.-based PHG Energy joint project will generate electricity from waste material. The hybrid device uses a Clean Cycle Heat-to-power generator developed by GE. The heat-to-energy generator used in the system is already in use around the world, converting waste heat into energy. Each of these biomass generators can produce sufficient electricity for around 50 average homes using sewage and other biomass waste as a fuel source.

The process begins with the conversion of biomass, including wood chips, into a clean-burning gas which is then burned through a process known as the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). Research into the new hybrid electrical generators is taking place in Gleason, TN, where six of the machines are currently in operation. Excess electricity generated by the tests will be sold to the TVA. A similar operation is underway in Covington, Tennessee, where city officials are negotiating with PHG Energy to assist them in converting wood and sewage waste into electricity.

The next stage of development will be the production of one to five-MW models, which will require gasifiers capable of producing eight times the output of current models (Source: GE, iTech Post, 23 June, 2013) Contact: GE, Brad Garner, President, GE Heat Recovery Solutions Division,; PHG Energy, (615) 471-9299,

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GE Wins Consumers Energy Turbine Contract (Ind. Report)
Consumers Energy,General Electric
Date: 2013-06-24
Michigan-based Consumers Energy, a unit of U.S. power company CMS Energy Inc., will purchase 62 GE 1.7-MW wind turbines for its Cross Winds wind farm in Tuscola County in east central Michigan. Construction of the 105.4-MW project is slated to begin later this year for commissioning late in 2014.

GE won the contract as part of a competitive bid process that must still be approved by state, local and regional regulators and officials. (Source: Consumers Energy, 20 June, 2013) Contact: Consumers Energy,; GE Wind,

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RES Americas to Construct Phase Two of Lower Snake River Wind Project (Ind. Report)
Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc.,Portland General Electric,Puget Sound Energy
Date: 2013-06-14
Portland General Electric (PGE) has entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire the development rights to the Lower Snake River Wind Farm project from Puget Sound Energy Inc. (PSE). Broomfield, Colorado-based Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. (RES Americas) and RES America Construction Inc. will serve as general contractor and as balance-of-plant (BOP) constructor for phase two of the project which is located near Dayton, Wash., northeast of Walla Walla.

The 267-MW project will utilize 116 wind turbines manufactured by Siemens Energy Inc., each with a nameplate generating capacity of 2.3 MW. When complete in 2015, the project will provide enough clean, renewable energy to power 84,000 homes.

RES Americas was the original developer of the Lower Snake River wind farm, and in 2009 sold the development assets to PSE, at which time PSE assumed the role of owner and developer of the project. RES Americas also performed the BOP construction on the 343 MW Lower Snake River Wind Project -- Phase I, which was completed in 2012. PSE owns and operates that project.

Combined with PGE's existing owned and contracted renewable power generating resources, PGE's acquisition of phase two of the Lower Snake River wind farm will allow PGE to meet state standards requiring the utility to supply 15 percent of its power from qualifying renewable sources beginning in 2015. (Source: RES, 13 June, 2013) Contact: RES-Americas, Andrew Fowler, COO, (303) 439-4225,; Portland General Electric,; Puget Sound Energy, Kimberly Harris, President & CEO, (425) 454-2000, Roger Garratt, Dir. Financial Planning and Strategic Initiatives,

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Cool Planet Energy raises $29.9 million (Funding, Ind. Report)
Cool Planet
Date: 2013-06-10
Biofuels developer Cool Planet Energy Systems Inc. has reportedly raised approximately $29.9 million of a total $100 million in debt investments it expects to raise this year. The funds will be invested in the Camarillo, California-based company's first commercial plant that will convert biomass and organic wastes into about 10 million gpy of fuel.

Cool Planet's investors include Google Inc., General Electric Co., BP Plc., ConocoPhillips , NRG Energy Inc. and Exelon Corp. (Source: CoolPlanet, FuelFix, 7 June, 2013) Contact: Cool Planet, Howard Jansen, CEO, Mike Roach, Business Dev.,,

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Eaton, PGE Collaborate on Smart Grid Demo Project (Ind. Report)
Eaton Corp., Portland General Electric
Date: 2013-06-07
Diversified power management provider Eaton Corp. and Portland General Electric (PGE) collaboratively developed 5-MW energy storage system for the new Salem Smart Power Center, a five-megawatt (MW) energy storage facility was unveiled yesterday in Salem, Ore. The 8,000-square-foot fully functional smart grid site will allow PGE to demonstrate how the integration of renewable energy sources and demand-response technology can increase the reliability and efficiency of energy for business and residential customers.

PGE drew upon this expertise for the design, engineering, integration and testing of the Salem Smart Power Center. Eaton modified its award-winning Power Xpert™ inverters seamlessly into the site's energy storage system. The inverters are designed to maximize energy harvest from renewable resources and transform energy into clean, reliable alternating current. (Source: Eaton Corp, PR, Altenergymag. 6 June, 2013) Contact: Eaton, Bill Miller, Global Marketing Director,; Salem Smart Power Center,;

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PGE to Acquire Lower Snake River Wind Farm (M&A)
Portland General Electric,Bonneville Power Administration
Date: 2013-06-05
Portland General Electric Co. plans to develop more than $1 billion in new resources, including a new wind farm in Southeast Washington. The company also plans to acquire up to 1,500 MW of transmission capacity from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), and abandon plans to build its own cross-Cascades transmission line from Boardman to near Salem.

PGE has also agreed to purchase development rights from Puget Sound Energy for Phase Two of the Lower Snake River wind farm near Dayton Wash., north of Walla Walla. The project comprises 116 Siemens wind turbines, each with a nameplate generating capacity of 2.3 megawatts, for a total nameplate capacity of 267 megawatts. It will be built by renewable power developer RES Americas Construction Inc. PGE is slated for completion in time to meet renewable energy standards in 2015. (Source: PG&E, Oregon Live, June 3, 2013) Contact: PGE, Steve Corson, (503) 464-8444,; BPA, (503) 230-3000,

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Salem Smart Power Center Installs EnerDel Grid Backup (Ind. Report)
Date: 2013-06-03
On May 31, the Salem Smart Power Center opened in Salem, Oregon, as a part of a series of smart grid energy delivery tests. The tests were designed to help further integrate renewable energy sources into the electrical grid. The 8,000 square foot Salem facility is built with an energy storage system from Indianapolis-based Enerdel Inc. -- a 5-megawatt, lithium-ion battery system containing 1,440 batteries that work in conjunction with generators within a microgrid smoothing power flow and reducing outages.

Portland General Electric (PGE) and Eaton Electrical Service and Systems, an industrial manufacturer, developed the new $23 million project. The initial investment included $178 million in matching funds from the US DOE. There are 15 other such DOE funded smart grids around five states in the Pacific Northwest.

The power center's smart grid system allows PGE to store renewable energy, something that could not be done with previous technology. Software within the grid allows the electric utility to store energy when production costs are low and draw energy from the storage device when prices are higher.

The smart energy grid was developed as part of the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project (PNW-SGDP). The project creates micro-grids to serve areas of several hundred homes and businesses. (Source: Salem Smart Power Center, Various Other Sources, iTech Post, 22 June, 2013) Contact: EnerDel, Cave Roberts, CEO, (317) 703-1800,,

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GE, E.ON North America Seal 819-Turbine O&M Deal (Ind. Report)
E.ON Climate and Renewables North America,General Electric
Date: 2013-05-29
U.S. manufacturing giant General Electric has signed an operations and maintenance (O&M) services deal on 819 of its wind turbines at E.ON facilities in the U.S. The O&M contract covers 1.5-77, 1.6-100 and 1.6-82.5 turbines at the Settler's Trail and Pioneer's Trail wind farms in Illinois, the Wildcat wind farm in Indiana, the Stony Creek wind farm in Pennsylvania and Pyron wind farm and Panther Creek wind farm Phases 1, 2 and 3 in Texas. (Source: Eon Climate and Renewables North America, GE, RENews, 28 May, 2013) Contact: Eon Climate and Renewables North America, (312) 923-9463, General Electric, Andy Holt, GE general manager of wind services,

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Invenergy Orders Back-Up Battery Equipped GE Turbines (Ind. Report)
Invenergy,General Electric Wind
Date: 2013-05-17
General Electric reports that Chicago-based Invenergy has ordered three 2.5-megawatt turbines equipped with sodium-nickel battery storage and power-regulations software. The turbines will be installed at an 86-turbine wind farm slated for construction in Texas this year. GE says its system will provide a predictable energy flow over 15 to 60 minute periods.

GE's announcement comes two months after the company revealed its "brilliant" turbine. Duke Energy tested a 36-megawatt battery system at a wind farm in West Texas. (Source: Invenergy, Other, Energy Digital, 16 May, 2013) Contact: Invenergy, David Groberg, VP, Wind Development, (301) 610-6412,,

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Suzlon Bounced from Indian Wind Market Dominance (Ind. Report)
Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers' Association,Vesta,Suzlon
Date: 2013-05-13
Wind World (India) Ltd., formerly Enercon (India) Ltd., has bumped Suzlon Energy Ltd. as India's top wind-turbine supplier in the year ended March 31, according to the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers' Association (IWTMA). Suzlon fell to second place with 415 MW while ReGen Powertech Pvt. grabbed third with 273 MW. General Electric's installations surged by more than sixfold to 122 MW, the biggest jump among the companies surveyed. The company's gain in orders may indicate a shift in customer preferences as GE sells turbines alone in contrast to competitors who include land acquisition and permitting as part of supply deals.

Suzlon, which committed India's biggest convertible bond default in October, reported difficulties in carrying out orders due to a lack of working capital in the past three quarters. The company completed a 95 billion-rupee ($1.8 billion) debt reorganization plan last month that will allow it to execute $7 billion of orders, according to a statement by Group Chief Financial Officer Kirti Vagadia.

Meanwhile, Danish turbine maker Vestas Wind Systems A/S, which tied with GE as the world's biggest turbine maker, posted an 87 percent drop in installations to 34 MW, IWTMA figures showed. In total, India wind installations dropped 47 percent on year to 1.7 gigawatts of wind capacity after the expiry of government incentives, according to IWTMA figures. (Source: IWTMA, Bloomberg, 10 May, 2013) Contact: Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers' Association,; Suzlon,; Vestas,

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GE Battery Backing Wind Energy Institute of Canada PEI Installation (Ind. Report)
Wind Energy Institute of Canada,S&C Electric Canada Ltd
Date: 2013-05-10
The Wind Energy Institute of Canada is working with S&C Electric Canada Ltd. to add a grid-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) to its wind power facility in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The system consists of a power conversion system supplied by S&C via its PureWave Storage Management System (SMS), and General Electric Durathon sodium nickel chloride battery modules. The PureWave SMS converts the wind energy to direct current, which charges the batteries and -- as needed -- reverses the flow to take the energy from the batteries and convert it into alternating current for use by the utility, Maritime Electric Co. Ltd. The energy storage system will be delivered to the institute in September and is expected to be operational by the fall of 2013. (Source: Wind Energy Institute of Canada, Renew Grid, 9 May, 2013) Contact: Wind Energy Institute of Canada, Scott Harper, CEO, (902) 882-2746,; S&C Electric Canada Ltd, (416) 249-9171,

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