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DTE Quits Ann Arbor Airport Solar Project (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2015-03-11
DTE Energy has reportedly nixed its plans to build Michigan's largest solar array at the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport due to opposition from area residents.

The agreement would have given DTE to use about 14 acres of the city-owned airport property for a 1.1 to 1.6 MW solar array that could be increased to 2.15 MW. megawatts -- sufficient electric energy for approximately 300 homes. (Source: DTE Energy, MLive, 9 Mar., 2015) Contact: DTE Energy, Irene Dimitry, VP Marketing and Renewables, www2.dteenergy.com

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DTE Seeks Energy Efficiency Program Contractors (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2015-01-30
DTE Energy Co. has issued an RFP to contractors that can deliver home energy consultations, energy efficiency assistance, home energy surveys, a multifamily program and a school program. DTE's energy efficiency program began in 2009 when Michigan Legislature mandated that Michigan utilities help customers cut electric power consumption through education and efficiency programs. (Source: DTE, Crains, 29 Jan., 2015) Contact: DTE, www.dteenergy.com and reference EE Bundle 1 RFP.

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DTE Launches Agricultural Energy-Efficiency Incentives (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2015-01-13
In Michigan, DTE Energy has announced the addition of 20 new agricultural energy-efficiency cash incentives under its Commercial Energy-Efficiency Incentive Program. With the addition of 20 new measures, members of Michigan's agricultural community now can apply for cash incentives that will help pay for equipment upgrades and lower their monthly operating expenses. These incentives are available to both commercial and residential rate-code agriculture customers. DTE created incentives for those energy-efficiency measures that are among the most commonly found on Michigan crop and dairy farms, and in commercial greenhouses. The incentives are for equipment including irrigation systems, refrigeration, grain dryers and those for greenhouses and dairy operations. The Energy Efficiency Program for Business was launched in 2009 to help DTE Energy business customers save money by using less energy. The program offers customers a wide array of energy-efficiency ideas and incentives. Customers can earn incentives if they make improvements from a list of qualified efficiency upgrades for both gas and electric technologies, including energy-efficient lighting, drives, controls, heating ventilation and air conditioning. (Source: DTE Energy, 12 Jan., 2015) Contact: DTE Energy, Vicki Campbell, Energy Efficiency Director, (866) 796-0512, www.dteenergy/saveenergy

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Motor City GHG Inventory Tendered -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)
University of Michigan,Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
Date: 2014-11-12
A just released report from the University of Michigan and the non-profit public interest group Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, has found that buildings accounts for nearly two-thirds of the greenhouse gas emissions generated in Detroit, while motor vehicle exhausts are responsible for about 30 percent of the total. The report also found that 41 percent of the emissions from stationary sources are produced within four ZIP codes located in the city's southwest, midtown and downtown areas.

The report was undertaken for the Detroit Climate Action Collaborative which is leading the development of a climate action plan for the Motor City.

The report measures Detroit's citywide emissions for calendar years 2011 and 2012, and accounts for human-caused emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide gases inside city limits. The amounts are expressed in units called "carbon dioxide equivalents."

Citywide, GHG emissions totaled 10.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents in both 2011 and 2012. On a per capita basis, Detroit's 2012 emissions are below average when compared to data previously collected from 13 other U.S. and Canadian cities. Detroit's per capita emissions ranked ninth-lowest among that group -- below Cleveland, Denver, Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor and Washington, D.C. Per capita emissions were lower in Baltimore, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, Seattle and New York City.

Electricity use in the city contributed 45 percent to 2012 citywide emissions, due in part to DTE Energy's fuel mix, which consists of 76 percent coal.

In 2012, four city of Detroit departments -- Water and Sewerage, Public Lighting , Public Works and the Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority -- accounted for 93 percent of city government emissions.

Access the full report HERE. (Source: University of Michigan, Nov., 2014) Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, www.dwej.org

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DTE's Free App Tracks Energy Consumption (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2014-11-10
DTE Energy is offering its new, free "DTE Insight" energy efficiency app that links customers' iPhones and Android phones to their advanced meters to help them track and better manage their energy usage. The app also provides energy-saving tips and weekly challenges to engage and provide rewards for saving energy.

DTE is also offering the "DTE Energy Bridge" that provides customers with a real-time view of how much and when their homes are consuming energy. Both the app and Energy Bridge device were developed by Royal Oak-based Vectorform, who partnered with Saline Lectronics and M.A.K.S of Troy to prototype and assemble the Energy Bridge hardware.

To date, more than 1.3 million advanced meters have been installed in DTE Energy's Southeast Michigan electric service area. (Source: DTE Energy, Daily Tribune, 8 Nov., 2014) Contact: DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com

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Rubicon Twp. turbines going up
Heritage Wind Energy
Date: 2014-10-08
Heritage Wind Energy of Traverse, Michigan, reports that with site access and preparation complete and approximately 75 percent of its major components on site, it is ready to begin the installation of 10 wind turbines at its $50 million Big Turtle Wind Farm in Rubicon Township, Michigan.

Power from the farm will be sold to DTE Energy, which says the 20-mw output is sufficient for 9,000 homes. Construction is expected to be completed by the year end. (Source: Heritage Wind Energy, Huron Tribune, 3 Oct., 2014) Contact: Heritage Wind Energy, Rick Wilson, VP, (231) 935-3659, http://heritagewindenergy.com

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DTE's Echo Wind Park Fully Operational (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2014-09-26
Detroit-based DTE Energy reports that its 70-turbine Echo Wind Park has reached commercial operation. The Echo Wind Park in Huron County adds another 112 megawatts (MW) to DTE Energy's renewable energy portfolio, or enough to power 52,000 homes. The wind park, primarily in Oliver and Chandler townships in Michigan's "Thumb" area, is sited on nearly 16,000 acres. The wind park is the fourth to be owned and operated by DTE Energy. With the commissioning of the Echo Wind Park, DTE's renewable energy portfolio is at 9.6 percent. DTE expects to add nearly 1,000 MW, or 10 percent of its customers' electricity needs, by 2015. About 95 percent of its renewable portfolio will come from wind energy.

DTE also owns and operates the 110-MW Thumb Wind Park, which reached commercial operation in 2012, nearly half of the 213-MW Gratiot County Wind Project and the 75-MW Brookfield Wind Park, which began operating earlier this year in Huron County. (Source: DTE Energy, 18 Sept., 2014) Contact: DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com/renew, facebook.com/dteenergy

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DTE Energy Snares Pheasant Run Wind Park (M&A)
DTE Energy,NextEra Energy Resources
Date: 2014-06-04
Detroit-based DTE Energy has exercised its option to purchase one of the two Pheasant Run wind parks from a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources LLC. The 75-MW Pheasant Run II wind park in Huron County will be renamed the Brookfield Wind Park .

A NextEra Energy Resources subsidiary will continue to own and operate Pheasant Run I, the energy from which will continue to be purchased by DTE Energy. Each 75-MW wind park features 44 1.7-MW GE wind turbines generating 150 MW, sufficient to power about 70,000 homes. The Brookfield Wind Park acquisition is part of DTE Energy's efforts to expand its renewable energy resources and meet the state's renewable energy goals. DTE Energy will have almost 1,000 MW of renewable energy assets, equivalent to 10 percent of its power sales by 2015. (Source: DTE, PR, 2 June, 2014) Contact: DTE Energy, Irene Dimitry, VP Marketing and Renewables, www2.dteenergy.com; NextEra Energy Resources, (561) 691-7171, http://www.nexteraenergyresources.com

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DTE, Thumb Electric Announce Mich. Solar Project (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy,Thumb Electric Cooperative
Date: 2014-05-12
In Tuscola County, Michigan, DTE Energy and the Thumb Electric Cooperative (TEC) are preparing to break ground on a 665-kilowatt solar energy system outside of the town of Caro. The $2.5 million solar energy system will utilize more than 2,600 photovoltaic modules and be connected directly with the DTE Energy electric grid. The solar installation will have the capacity equivalent to what is needed to power approximately 100 homes upon completion later this year.

The installation is part of DTE's "SolarCurrents" pilot program that calls for the installation of utility scale PV systems on customer rooftops or property. When completed, the solar farm will be the 21st solar installation built in DTE's Southeast Michigan service area, the fifth in Michigan's Thumb area and the first in Tuscola County. All are owned, operated and maintained by DTE Energy.

DTE Energy expects to invest more than $2 billion by 2015 to build or purchase nearly 1,000 MW of Michigan based renewable energy. In addition to the solar installations, DTE has acquired or built wind parks and other green energy facilities across the state. (Source: DTE, tuscolatoday.com, 10 May, 2014) Contact: Thumb Electric Cooperative, Dallas Braun, GN, www.tecmi.coop; DTE Energy, Irene Dimitry, VP Marketing and Renewables, www2.dteenergy.com

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DTE Commissions Stockton Biomass Plant (Ind. Report)
Date: 2014-03-17
Following-up on our June 16, 2011 coverage, DTE Energy Services, Inc. (DTEES) reports that it has completed the conversion of its shuttered coal-burning power plant at the Port of Stockton to operate on woody biomass fuel. The plant, known as Stockton Biomass, began commercial operations on Feb. 21 and is selling its renewable power to PG&E Company to help it meet its renewable energy requirement.

The plant will burn approximately 320,000 tpy of woody biomass to generate about 45 MW of power which is sufficient electricity for 45,000 homes. The fuel primarily is derived from urban wood waste, tree trimmings and agricultural processes.

DTEES, a subsidiary of Ann Arbor, Mich.-headquartered DTE Energy, has completed similar biomass conversions in Cassville, Wis. and Bakersfield, Calif. The company also operates biomass power plants in Woodland, Calif. and Mobile, Ala. Source: DTE Energy, 14 Mar., 2014) Contact: DTEES, Steve Sorrentino, Vice President Wholesale Power & Renewables, (734) 302-4893,www2.dteenergy.com

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Mich. PSC Orders Utility Solar Program Review (Ind. Report)
DTE,Michigan Public Service Commission, Consumers Energy
Date: 2014-01-24
In December, the Michigan Public Service Commission PSC) upheld a two-year renewable energy plan proposed by DTE but ordered the Detroit-based utility to participate in a community work group that could recommend expanding the number of participants in DTE's SolarCurrents program. The program is for customers who purchase and install solar energy systems. The sates second-largest utility, Consumers Energy volunteered to participate in the same work group on solar energy.

Initially, DTE rejected participation in the group on the ground that the PSC lacked the authority to modify DTE's energy plan. DTE added that it would work collaboratively with the group. The PSC will appoint the work group members. The work group's report, which will recommend whether to expand DTE's SolarCurrents program and Consumers' comparable Experimental Advanced Renewable Program, is expected to be completed by July, 2014. Both programs provide financial incentives for residential and business customers to build and install PV systems. (Source: Mich. PSC, DTE, Crains, 22 Jan., 2014) Contact: DTE Energy, Irene Dimitry, VP Marketing Renewable, www.dteenergy.com; Consumers Energy, www.consumersenergy.com

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Big Turtle Wind Farm gets the Nod (Reg & Leg, Ind. Report)
Heritage Sustainable Energy
Date: 2013-10-16
In Michigan, the Huron County Board of Commissioners has approved Heritage Sustainable Energy LLC's proposed $50 million, 10-turbine Big Turtle Wind Farm in Rubicon Township north of Detroit. Last week the developer received permission to begin building access roads for the project.

In September, Detroit-based DTE Energy won Michigan Public Service Commission approval to purchase power from Heritage subsidiary Big Turtle Wind Farm LLC. The 20 megawatt project will create sufficient electricity to power about 9,000 homes. The project is expected to be operational by late 2014.(Source: DTE, Detroit Free Press, Huron Daily Tribune, 10 Oct., 2013) Contact: Heritage Sustainable Energy, Rick Wilson, VP Operations, (231) 935-3659, info@heritagewindenergy.com, www.heritagewindenergy.com

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DTE Expanding BioGreenGas Pilot Project (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2013-09-11
Following up on our August 21st coverage, Detroit-headquartered DTE Energy reports that it will expand its BioGreenGas pilot project that converts methane, carbon dioxide and other trace elements Canton Township's Sauk Trail Hills landfill into burnable natural gas. The expanded project will bring the utility closer to meeting its state-mandated renewable energy goal of providing 10 percent of its electricity generation from renewable energy sources.

The BioGreenGas pilot project provides 2,000 customers statewide with the equivalent of natural gas

In August, DTE Gas, a subsidiary of DTE, announced plans to expand its converted from the Sauk Trail Hills landfill in Canton Township. Since last year, customers have agreed to pay a $2.50 per month subscription fee that helps cover the cost of the green gas production. said Marca Brown, DTE's residential program manager. The customers also pay DTE's normal gas rates. (Source: DTE, Crain's , 8 Sept., 2013) Contact: DTE Energy, Marca Brown, Residential Program Manager, Erica Donerson, (313) 235-8809, www.dteenergy.com

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DTE Plans BioGreenGas Program Expansion (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy,Clean Energy Renewable Fuels
Date: 2013-08-21
DTE Energy Co. subsidiary GTE Gas is providing pipeline-quality landfill gas from the Sauk Trail Hills landfill in Canton, Michigan to its residential customers as part of its BioGreenGas (biomethane) program. Residential natural gas customers can support DTE's green efforts by subscribing to the program for $2.50 per month.

Since the BioGreenGas program's launch in 2012, 2,000 customers have subscribed and the companys is planning to expand the program.

The Sauk Trail Hills landfill facility that processes and purifies the landfill gas was developed by Clean Energy Renewable Fuels (CERF)which invested approximately $20 million in the project. DTE Pipeline Company invested approximately $2 million to build a pipeline and a meter station at Sauk Trail Hills. (Source: DTE Energy, PR, 20 Aug., 2013) Contact: DTE Energy, Erica Donerson, (313) 235-8809, www.dteenergy.com; Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, Harrisson Clay, Pres., hclay@cleanenergyfuels.com, http://www.cleanenergyfuels.com

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DTE Pushing Advanced Lighting Technology (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy,NextEnergy
Date: 2013-08-05
Launched in 2012, DTE Energy's E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency program is in its second year. Sponsored by Detroit-based NextEnergy in partnership with the Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD), the challenge focuses on innovative energy-efficiency technology in advanced lighting.

The E-Challenge brings underutilized energy-efficiency products to the DTE service area and is intended to showcase innovation through market-ready advanced lighting solutions in areas such as integration of sensors, adaptive controls; network controls to optimize energy savings; utilization of advanced lighting luminaire designs; creative lighting designs; advanced optics designs; and exterior lighting applications. The technology must integrate energy-efficiency solutions through collaborations and/or accelerate the commercialization of Michigan-based energy technologies with demonstration sites within the DTE service area. (Source: DTE, Fierce Energy 4 Aug., 2013) Contact: DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com; NextEnergy, Yiwei Chen, Mgr., Power & Energy Efficiency, (313) 833-0100, www.nextenergy.org

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When $152.9Bn talks, DTE Listens (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2013-03-01
When the $152.9 billion New York State Common Retirement Fund in Albany reportedly sent the following proposal to DTE Energy: "As long-term shareholders, we are invested in the sustainability of our portfolio companies. Given the current regulatory climate, an excessive reliance on coal can create serious risk to shareholder value. Companies should take proactive steps to increase energy efficiency and promote renewable energy sources," the utility read between the thinly veiled lines and Timothy E. Kraepel, DTE assistant corporate secretary, was quick to reply with a report of the company's programs for diversifying to clean energy sources and improving energy efficiency, including the cost and benefits of such activities, according to fund spokesman Eric Sumberg.

Thomas P. DiNapoli, New York state comptroller and sole trustee of the fund, submitted similar proposals on behalf of the retirement fund at Ameren Corp., Cleco Corp., FirstEnergy Corp. and SCANA Corp. The proposals also seek to mitigate climate-related risks and to better manage water use.

As of Feb. 22, the fund held 652,561 DTE shares valued at $42.8 million; 1.1 million Ameren sharesvalued at $37.5 million; 1.2 million FirstEnergy shares valued at $51.7 million; and 401,600 SCANA shares, valued at $19.7 million. (Source: Pensions & Investments, 27 Feb., 2013) Contact: New York State Common Retirement Fund, www.osc.state.ny.us

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DTE Energy Expands SolarCurrents Program (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2013-01-11
DTE Energy is accepting applications for the second phase of its SolarCurrents customer-owned pilot program which offers customers a more affordable way to install solar photovoltaic systems. The expansion of the SolarCurrents program will offer an additional 2 MW of capacity in four offerings of 500 kilowatts each over the next two years.

DTE Energy customers interested in participating in the first offering must submit their applications online by 5 p.m. Feb. 5. If the number of applications exceeds the available capacity, a random selection process will be Feb. 18 to determine which projects will be included in the program. The deadline for project completion is Dec. 16, 2013. Projects can range in size from 1 to 20 kilowatts. (Source: DTE Energy , 8 Jan., 2013) Contact: DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com/solar

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DTE Reaches Smart Meter Deployment Milestone (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy, Itron
Date: 2012-08-10
Itron, Inc. reports that to date DTE Energy has installed 800,000 Itron endpoints, including smart electric meters and gas modules, in its Southeastern Michigan service area. This marks a significant milestone for DTE's Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project, which is a key component of the utility's SmartCurrents initiative. SmartCurrents aims to modernize DTE's electric grid, improve distribution system reliability and efficiency, as well as lower energy delivery costs and empower electric customers with more information about their power usage.

In total, DTE's AMI project includes installation of over 3 million electric and gas meters in Michigan homes and businesses. The advanced meters allow DTE to get actual meter readings, essentially eliminating estimated bills. The meters also allow the utility to quickly locate and reduce power outages remotely connect and disconnect service. Customers also will be able to track, manage and control their energy usage as a result of timely information provided by the meters. (Source: Itron, PR, Aug. 6, 2012) Contact: Itron, Inc., Sharelynn Moore, VP Communications, (509) 891-3524, sharelynn.moore@itron.com, www.itron.com; DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com

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DTE Energy to Expand Lighting Retrofit Incentive Program (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2012-08-06
In an effort to meet the demand of business owners investing in newer energy-efficient technology, DTE Energy is offering increased cash incentives on additional lighting measures through August 31, 2012. The incentive bonus is an element of Detroit-based DTE Energy's Energy Efficiency Program for Business, a program designed to help DTE Energy Commercial and Industrial customers improve the energy efficiency of their businesses.

Originally introduced in May, the increased incentives are available for retrofitting T12 fluorescent lamps to higher efficiency T8 systems. These retrofits are the result of U.S. DOE legislation which prohibits manufacturing or importing of T12s in the U.S. "In an effort to accommodate customer requests and to incentivize more of the retrofits that are being performed in the marketplace, we have decided to expand and extend the terms of this program." The special incentives now include for the conversion of older T12 fluorescent lamps to the most common T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. It is expected that incentives for these retrofits will no longer be available in 2013.

The Energy Efficiency Program for Business was launched in 2009 to help DTE Energy customers save money by using less energy. The program offers customers a wide array of energy-efficiency ideas and incentives. Customers can earn incentives if they make improvements from a list of qualified efficiency upgrades for both gas and electric technologies, including energy-efficient lighting, drives, controls, heating ventilation and air conditioning and others. (Source: DTE Energy, PR, Aug. 1, 2012) Contact: DTE Energy, Len Singer, (313) 235-8809, Bill Clemens, Mgr., Energy Efficiency Program for Business www.dteenergy.com

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Renewable Energy Debate Getting Hot in Michigan (Reg. & Leg.)
DTE Energy,Consumers Energy
Date: 2012-06-25
In Michigan, renewable energy advocates say passing a ballot measure in November requiring utilities to source more of their electricity from renewable sources would make Michigan a leader in clean energy and create jobs. Opponents say it would cost electric customers more money and make it harder for utilities to provide a reliable energy supply.

Opponents with the Clean Affordable Renewable Energy (CARE) for Michigan Coalition plan to ramp up statewide efforts to defeat the issue, arguing the requirement doesn't belong in the state constitution. Supporters, meanwhile, have taken the unusual step of lining up both Democratic and Republican consulting firms to make the case that increasing the requirement with a public vote this fall is the way to go.

Both the Michigan and Detroit Regional chambers oppose the proposal, which would require more than 80 electricity suppliers statewide to obtain 25 percent of their power from wind, solar, biomass or hydropower by 2025. Under existing legislation, utilities are required get 10 percent from renewable sources by 2015. Consumers Energy and Detroit-based DTE Energy, the state's two largest utilities, have invested in wind farms around the state and are in line to purchase power generated by privately owned wind farms. Consumers Energy already has 13 hydroelectric dams that count toward the renewable energy requirement and currently gets 5 percent of its energy from renewables, while DTE Energy currently gets 5.5 percent. Both companies say they're on track to meet the 10 percent requirement by the deadline, but warn it would cost $12 billion and require 3,100 more wind turbines spread over an area 17 times larger than the city of Grand Rapids to meet the 25 percent requirement by 2025, pushing up customer's costs. (Source: Daily Tribune, 23 June, 2012) Contact: DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com

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DTE Offers Energy Efficient Lighting Incentives (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2012-06-18
DTE Energy is offering special cash incentives to business owners who invest in new energy efficient lighting technologies under a new federal program. The incentives will be available through July 31, 2012, as part of the company's Energy Efficiency Program for Business. The cash incentives are available to businesses that convert older model, T12 fluorescent lights to high performance or low wattage-high performance T8 lamps and electronic ballasts.

U.S. DOE legislation calls upon importers and manufacturers of the commonly found T12 fluorescent lights to stop making the those products. It is expected that shortly after the new federal rules take effect, cash incentives will no longer be offered for this common retrofit.

"We realize this legislation could significantly affect many of our business customers," said Bill Clemens, manager of DTE's energy efficiency program. "We want to help our customers cover a portion of the investment needed to upgrade to the latest energy efficient technology. By retrofitting their outdated lights now, businesses can not only take advantage of the incentives that will likely be discontinued, but they will also avoid increased costs of replacing those lights in the future." The Energy Efficiency Program for Business (dteenergy.com/saveenergy) was launched in 2009 to help DTE Energy customers save money by using less energy. The program offers customers a wide array of energy efficiency ideas and incentives. Customers can earn incentives if they make improvements from a list of qualified efficiency upgrades for both gas and electric technologies, including energy-efficient lighting, drives, controls, heating ventilation and air conditioning and more. (Source: DTE Energy, June 15, 2012) Contact: DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com/saveenergy

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DTE Investing $500Mn in Mich. "Thumb" Wind Projects (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2012-06-05
Detroit-based utility DTE Energy reports that it will invest approximately $500 million to install nearly 140 wind turbines in Michigan's "Thumb" area by 2014. The first half of the turbines are slated to be installed by the end of this year. On Monday, GE announced it received contracts to supply 137 wind turbines for DTE installations in Huron and Sanilac counties. The first 69 turbines will be installed in Sigel, Minden and McKinley townships by the end of the year, Simons said. The other 68 should be installed in Chandler Township by the end of 2013.

Michigan law mandates that the state produce 10 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2015. (Source: DTE, MichLive, June 4, 2012) Contact: DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com

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DTE Energy Seeks Additional 100 MW of Wind Power (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2012-05-07
Detroit-based DTE Energy is seeking approximately 100 megawatts of renewable energy from Michigan-based wind projects that will be operating by the end of 2013. This solicitation is part of DTE's plan to meet Michigan's Renewable Portfolio Standard law requiring electric utilities in the state to obtain 10 percent of their power from renewables by 2015. DTE expects to add about 1,000 megawatts, or 10 percent of its power, from renewable resources by 2015. The company plans to own facilities to supply up to half of that power and contract with third-party producers for the balance. The majority of the company's renewable energy will come from wind resources, but it also has a solar energy pilot program that could produce approximately 20 MW. The utility's renewable energy capacity under contract is presently about 7 percent of total generation.

Potential bidders can view the requirements of the RFP at www.dteenergy.com/renewsuppliers. The RFP outlines the minimum qualifications for participation in this RFP. After reviewing the RFP, interested parties must click on the link, "Request for bid platform access" and submit the requested information. Once DTE verifies qualifications, respondents will receive an invitation to bid from PowerAdvocate.com; DTE Energy's host web site for all RFPs.

DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE) is a Detroit-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Its operating units include Detroit Edison, an electric utility serving 2.1 million customers in Southeastern Michigan, MichCon, a natural gas utility serving 1.2 million customers in Michigan and other non-utility, energy businesses focused on gas storage and pipelines, unconventional gas production, power and industrial projects, and energy trading.(Source: DTE Energy, May 4, 2012) Contact: DTE Energy, www.dteenergy.com

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