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Bechtel completes Catalina Solar PV Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2013-08-26
International construction giant Bechtel announced today that it has completed the design and construction of the 110-MW , alternating-current Catalina Solar Photovoltaic Generating Facility in Southern California's Kern County. The facility, one of the world's largest, will produce enough clean energy to power some 35,000 homes.

In addition to the Catalina Solar project, Bechtel is building two other solar facilities in California: the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Facility, which will be the world's largest concentrating solar thermal (CSP) power facility when complete, and the California Valley Solar Ranch, one of the world's largest photovoltaic facilities which is currently under construction. (Source: Bechtel, 26 August, 2013) Contact: Bechtel, www.bechtel.com

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eSolar, Ferrostaal Partnering on Solar Thermal Projects (Ind. Report)
eSolar, Ferrostaal
Date: 2012-12-21
Ferrostaal AG and California headquartered concentrating solar thermal power technology specialist eSolar are partnering to deploy turnkey solar power plants in Spain, the UAE Emirates, and South Africa. eSolar will provide solar field and receiver technology and while Ferrostaal AG will handle financing, provide the power block as well as act as individual project general contractor.

eSolar's Sierra SunTower, a 5 MW commercial-scale solar power plant in Lancaster, California, is the only power tower facility presently operating in North America. eSolar presently has three licensing agreements across three continents.

Ferrostaal's current concentrating solar thermal portfolio includes parabolic trough and Fresnel lens. (Source: eSolar, Solar Novus, Dec. 18, 2012) Contact: eSolar, John Van Scoter, CEO , (808) 303-9500, info@esolar.com, www.esolar.com; Ferrostaal AG, www.ferrostaal.com

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BrightSource, SCE Add Energy Storage to Solar PPAs (Ind. Report)
BrightSource Energy,Southern California Edison
Date: 2011-11-30
Solar thermal technology specialist BrightSource Energy Inc. reports the addition of its SolarPLUS™ thermal energy storage capability to three of its power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Southern California Edison (SCE). The PPAs illustrate the critical value of highly-efficient power tower solar thermal technology with storage in providing utility customers with cost-competitive, reliable and dispatchable power that meets peak demand. By adding storage to its solar thermal power plants, BrightSource is able to further reduce the total cost of energy by increasing its capacity factor extending the production of electricity into later parts of the day during periods of high demand.

Recent studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory point to the high value of concentrating solar thermal power technologies with storage. This added value is a result of the resource's unique capabilities including:

  • Shifting electricity production to periods of highest demand
  • Providing firm capacity to the power system; replacing the need for conventional power plants as opposed to just supplementing their output
  • Providing ancillary services such as spinning reserves to help support a reliable grid
  • Avoiding the variability and integration costs that other renewable resources like photovoltaics (PV) and wind create for utilities and grid operators; reducing the need for additional fossil fuel units required to back up intermittent renewables that put a hidden financial burden on ratepayers.

    To mitigate these integration costs, energy regulators, utilities, grid operators and policymakers are focusing their attention on advancing deployment of energy storage technologies. California recently passed Assembly Bill 2514, landmark legislation designed to encourage the adoption of energy storage technologies. Under the original power purchase agreements with SCE, BrightSource would provide approximately four million megawatt-hours of electricity annually across seven power plants. Due to higher efficiencies and capacity factors associated with energy storage, the new set of agreements will provide approximately the same amount of energy annually but with one less plant., reducing the land impacts of delivering this energy The new set of contracts, if approved by the California PUC, now consist of two BrightSource solar thermal plants scheduled to deliver electricity in 2015 and three BrightSource plants with energy storage scheduled to deliver electricity in 2016 and 2017. In addition, BrightSource and its partners -- NRG Energy, Google and Bechtel - are currently constructing a 126 megawatt plant for Southern California Edison at the Ivanpah solar project in southeast California. (Source: BrightSource, November, 28, 2011)Contact: BrightSource Energy, Charles Ricker, SVP, Business Development, (510) 550-8161 ext 108, cricker@brightsourceenergy.com, www.brightsourceenergy.com

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