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CTC Cable Announces UK Transmission Line Contract (Int'l, Ind. Report)
CTC Cable,Composite Technology Corp
Date: 2011-07-01
Composite Technology Corporation subsidiary CTC Cable Corporation(CTC) has received an order for 45 kilometers of ACCC® London conductor to be installed on the high voltage transmission network in the UK. Following extensive and rigorous testing by Electricity Alliance West, the ACCC® London conductor has been awarded type registration by National Grid, the owner and operator of the high voltage transmission network in England and Wales, for this conductor to be installed on two lines in National Grid's network. This is the second line using ACCC® conductor in the UK.(Source: Composite Technology Corporation, June, 28, 2011) Contact: James Carswell, Investor Relations,Composite Technology Corporation, (949) 428-8500, www.compositetechcorp.com

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CTC Cable Wins Utility ACCC® Conductor Order (Ind. Report)
Composite Technology Corp.,CTC Cable Corp.
Date: 2011-06-27
Composite Technology Corp. subsidiary CTC Cable Corporation (CTC Cable) has received an order from an unidentified major Southeastern utility for fifteen miles of ACCC® (438 kcmil) Oriole conductor to be used to upgrade an existing 69 kV, 60 MVA copper conductor line crossing Apalachicola Bay in Apalachicola, Florida. Installation is scheduled for late 2011. (Source: CTC Cable Corporation, June, 24, 2011) Contact: Stewart Ramsay, President , CTC Cable, (949) 428-8500, www.ctccable.com

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